Screenshot of Demon Life - My Harem
Screenshot of Demon Life - My Harem
Screenshot of Demon Life - My Harem
Screenshot of Demon Life - My Harem
Screenshot of Demon Life - My Harem
Demon Life - My Harem

Demon Life - My Harem

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Plot Introduction:
One night, the player meets a sprite from another world, who opens the gateway to another world, and the player crosses over and becomes the demon prince. He must lead his elite troops to conquer the world and marry countless women to fill his harem. From this moment on, he gradually becomes the overlord of the otherworld!
If you're brave enough, come build your harem in the otherwold!
Huge armies set out to break through enemy lines!
Real-time power struggle battles between demon princes. Fight for supremecy and make your name.
After endless competition, join together to take over the world.
Let the battle begin!

Game Features:
[A harem to tend your every need]
A fairy queen, an innocent girl, an exotic dancer, a pretty baroness... Girls of all kinds are waiting to take care of you! Stroll the charming countryside as you become more familiar with the girls which in turn blesses your subordinates and strengthens your kingdom.

[Search for beauties]
Meet beautiful women on your travels. The demon prince can use the portal to visit any country where he will meet many alluring women. The charismatic and handsome prince will inadvertently move the hearts of countless beauties. Charmed as they are, they will join your harem!

[Recruit subordinates and rule the world]
Gather the elite, lead your troops to attack, and explore the vast reaches of the world. Improve your subordinates abilities and lead them to become lords of the otherworld. As you train your subordinates, increase your own strength, attractive even more subordinates to come serve, each with their own skills and strengths. Lead your subordinates into battle and conquer the world!

[Multiple costumes for versatile style]
Multiple exquisite clothing choices can be changed at will. Change your concubine and subordinate's clothing as you see fit!

[Compete in the Arena]
Defeat other players in the arena and crush your opponents to earn respect! Increase your kingdom's power to challenge other demon princes and defeat all those before you for the honor of becoming the strongest overlord!

[Make friends and build alliances]
Make friends and build your guild to fight side-by-side! Join together and fight in guild battles to become the top guild!

*Please note some game content requires payment

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