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Destroying my life
46 Views 08/22/2022
This is really terrible. The graphic is very very awful. No English location. These artwork got pissed me off because THEY'RE KILLING SHE-HULK , VECNA , MS. MARVEL , GANYU , PREY PREDATOR , GROOT , BATTISON AND SUB-ZERO!!! STUPID!
0 Views 08/22/2022
Very like  game Three Kingdoms (DW PC  & Console Game)
29 Views 03/11/2021
first the APK is 85MB, after that, update +500MB, and yet the fvck another almost 3k MB data. over all 3.5 GB of data for playing this game.. nah, damnit it so fvckn resource eater.. I don't yet play it at my current SD636 Asus ZMP1, I have to uninstall another game because my current internal is out of space, does somebody already play it with ASUS ZMP1?? please give some guidance, worth or NO?
Adam VlogTv
i don't know what happened whit this graphic white background and i can't see real view animation... But The game so far good!
28 Views 08/17/2022
Hardcore Gamer
86 Views 03/10/2021
it is not auto-battle... the graphics is good as the original Dynasty Warriors games. But I disappointed by the gameplay... I was expect it'll be have the original gameplay like DW PlayStation ver. But nah... It's not like that.. It's kinda different... I just hopes my fav childhood game like Dynasty Warrior would be spectacular than this 😢
Aldi Rizal
Waiting game
1 View 08/13/2022
Finally my favorite game has been released
Miyuko Arisha
4 Views 01/29/2022
please update & add my waifu Guan yinping & Wang Yuan Je lm so boring without this 2 character
Hardcore Gamer
9 Views 02/05/2021
i see pause, speed up, and auto button. this wont be good. i like DW games on ps and pc, but i wont try this game as long they dont remove what i mention above.
12 Views 03/11/2021
It's good for a mobile musou game. Pretty much what I expected from a game that would be difficult to do for mobile
Đinh Tuấn Nam
1 View 03/24/2021
I hope the developer will support English for this game
That's everything for now. Start a new game?