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10 Views 12/26/2021
I have not played this game but I do want to know why have you got pics of call of duty maps so by the looks you have fake pictures so I'm going guess that the games nothing like the pictures I don't know if I should download this or not
14 Views 02/11/2022
I would like to suggest that we will change the characters in FPS games which is the traditional counter terrorist and terrorist which is so boring that was used in so many years. And other games they used so many uniform's. In real life there is only one official uniform in each side. This is to give a player an immediate distinction between enemy and friendly character.That's what we should also do in creating a game. And other games have also a lacking in their uniform's. Others don't have head gear and others didn't tuck in their combat shoes. You are not creating your games basing on real life...I would like to invite you all to see my Facebook page at Full Batte Gear and see the good ideas that I'm suggesting...thanks...
Brian Gateley
5 Views 07/15/2022
the good it plays well lots of fun. The bad adds at stupid times but all in  all great
2 Views 10/08/2021
no good too many ads.and also theres ads display onscreen cannot be remove😓😓😓😓😓
Nimeni Intamplator
3 Views 04/09/2022
PRO: No account necessary. Graphics acceptable. Sound acceptable. BAD: Ads in game & video ads after mission. Movement it slow.
0 Views 08/20/2021
good but the sound of gunfire is not real
Rahul Kumar
1 View 08/12/2021
I really like gun physics so realistic .best for every device.make more stooth running style little bugs
Mouhamed Zeggai
1 View 07/15/2022
0 Views 05/27/2021
Hi no Update????? 🤔 😡😡
Anwar Rashika
0 Views 06/27/2021
when will be open chapter 4...?
That's everything for now. Start a new game?