Screenshot of The Realm of Keren: Exploratio
Screenshot of The Realm of Keren: Exploratio
Screenshot of The Realm of Keren: Exploratio
Screenshot of The Realm of Keren: Exploratio
Screenshot of The Realm of Keren: Exploratio
The Realm of Keren: Exploratio

The Realm of Keren: Exploratio

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Welcome to the "Keiren's Realm: Discovery", the real treasure hunting experience of the ancient tomb. Here you can form an adventure team to explore the treasures of the ancient tomb, or become a powerful tomb guard to guard the territory.

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About "Keiren's Realm: Exploration"
1. The eerie and creepy ancient tomb, a tense and true experience
1. The mysterious world of ancient tombs:
The ancient strangers and strangers used the power of the seven light stars to separate some important palaces and cities from the present world through special arrangements, and hide them into the void space, becoming a mystery in the legend. Players will enter it and explore the mysterious and unknown world of tombs in peril.
2. Four Chinese style maps:
Chen's ancestral hall, general deserted grave, princess palace, and Moshan spiritual hall are four different maps that grow on the "terror point" that Chinese people understand. Thousands of miles of lonely graves, mass burial of phantoms, welcome to experience the horrible and exciting adventure country.
3. Exciting experience of "touching gold":
The confrontation between cat and mouse is never fair, and the struggle between adventurers and grave guards is never evenly matched. Whether you are hunting or becoming a prey, the depressing environment and startling music stimulate your senses and influence your judgment all the time. Unfamiliar teammates with their own minds, a dark place with an unknown future, who can be trusted and how can they survive?
4. The miserable mission behind the forward:
There is no existence out of thin air, and there is no guarding for no reason. Whether it is an adventurer or a gravekeeper, everyone in the secret realm has his own "heavy" past. Jinyiwei Liu Tai, who guards the tomb of the childhood princess, or Gu Yue, who is struggling to find the whereabouts of her missing father... Can the encounter of fate reveal the hidden past?
Second, escape from birth or death in Huangquan A duel of life and death in an ancient tomb
1. Ask your teammates to fight for gold:
The secret realm of ancient tombs covered in dust for thousands of years, you need to call your trusted teammates to explore together. In addition to obtaining peerless treasures, successful treasure hunting is of great benefit to the advancement of your own skills. It only takes one time to become famous. Nothing can stop you from exploring. Fight with your teammates for gold and escape.
2. Asymmetric competition (4v1):
You can become an adventurer in a team of four and go to the depths of the secret realm to search for treasures; you can also become a lonely and powerful gravekeeper who shows no mercy to those who come. The fight between prey and anti-hunting begins here.
3. Adventurers who live and die together:
You from all over the world may be students, doctors, anchors, or "mysteries" with no identity at all. From the moment you become an adventurer, perhaps you are ready to let go of the past, but your former identity will become your specialty. In order to explore the treasures deep in the ancient tombs and for the common goal, will everyone choose to work together, live and die, advance and retreat, or fight alone and run away when the baby is touched? Your heart is determined by you. Do you have the confidence to escape?
4. Tomb-keeper who fights alone:
Facing adventurers, they are grave guards with terrible power, but as "people" they also have their own stories. Either for love, or for repaying gratitude, guarding for thousands of years, alone. They have unique abilities, some are good at fast attacks, some are infinitely powerful, and some are good at long-range attacks. All this is to warn adventurers that no one is allowed to enter the place where they are.
5. Use props to make up for "imbalance"
There are various props left by predecessors in the scene. There is a compass for finding dragons and fixing acupoints, flying dragon claws for fleeing, healing medical kits and blood ganoderma, as well as ancient swords and engineer shovel to help fight against them. Use them in a reasonable combination to increase the chance of treasure hunting. As an adventurer, these are your weapons.
If the player tries to be the guardian of the tomb, he can carry a variety of traps and items unique to each guard, and the prey that is being stared at will definitely not be able to escape easily.
6. Personality combination, exclusive skill strategy collocation:
Each gravekeeper and adventurer has his own independent set of skills and progress system, so that he can formulate his own tactics in a deeper level. Some of them are good investigators; they have tremendous manpower; according to the skills of the characters, you can use your specialties and use strategies to win the game.
7. Random map that never repeats
According to the adventurer's tip, there are currently four styles of tombs unearthed. But don’t take it lightly, even if it’s the same ancient tomb, every time it is activated, the layout will be brand new. The position of the mechanism and energy will change randomly, and the weather will even change to affect the adventurer and increase the challenge of the adventure.
Three, plan a real adventure without any detail
1. Tomb Raider's Notes:
A mysterious tomb-raising notebook, covering all your adventures, including 4 branches of story, map, props, and ashes orb. That is to say, whether you want to look back at the past and find precious memories; or you want to explore the way forward and need guidance by goals, you can rely on the note-taking system.
2. Custom appearance:
Just change clothes, or completely change clothes? In the game, you can choose from more than a hundred original costumes, and you can also become the mysterious characters encountered during the adventure. As long as you want to look for it, even if you want to be Jin Ling'er in that bright red wedding gown, it's not that difficult to do.
3. Custom assembly:
When you go out to fight, the secrets you visit are different. Of course, you can't use one set of all your personal equipment. For the expedition that walks away, of course, there is no shortage of customized expedition equipment, divided into categories, and go out without making mistakes.
4. Social teaming:
Life and death is fate, if you meet a teammate, you might as well add a friend to fight next time. Of course, if you hesitate and it is easy to miss, if you don’t make friends right away, you can also check the teammates who have played together recently, send an application, and you can make friends.

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