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MISS. Wolfgaming_YT
514 Views 01/20/2023
I love playing bgmi.When game was released i download the game and i enjoyed the gameplay.But when game get ban i was a little sad but i get to know about this app and i download the game from this app.Now  i am happy from the game and the tap tap app thanks you and i appreciate you for bgmi
Prince K Singh
589 Views 01/20/2023
I'm giving it only 3 stars because it didn't bring any new update in last 6 months but it's global version gotted updates
559 Views 01/18/2023
F..k bgmi we are not playing it it is playing with our emotions now it is the end of my waiting capacity. It's 5:40 am and i am waiting for updates for whole night but this game has disappointed me if you cant do anything then why are your servers online for 6 months ???😞
1K Views 01/12/2023
It's my fav game its very nice but i lov to play it with my online friends and my squad love to reunite with them and play together and eat a chicken dinner Specially love to play room with them Btw if you wanna add me you can add me my id:5884069166
Pal Medhi
364 Views 01/19/2023
I am free fire old player L.V 75 but I  still I playing and bgmi it's amazing game next L.
love Guru
458 Views 01/18/2023
Lots of hackers playing this game if u can not handel the hackers then permanant  ban from 👍
Dauri Dashrath
205 Views 7d
I love this game but no updates no RP nothing is now how as possible please update this game overall I love this game
Arugula Rajaiah
I love this token game !!
543 Views 01/15/2023
the real thing is this game is made for special for Indian gamers.the game is really nice. It is as like the pubg,But it is Better  than the pubg.
492 Views 01/14/2023
Best game ever but there is a issue i am not able to use gyroscope i enable gyroscope but it is not working please help me
413 Views 01/18/2023
Love this game but something bother me in every match i played in this game....there's a bunce of HACKERS and CAMPERS too. Game sucks....!!!
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