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Hardcore Gamer
4 Views 12/03/2021
Each duck consists of three parts, the head, the body and the wings. These parts will have different rarity. The main gameplay is through different ducks laying eggs, constantly generating various rare and weird ducks. The total number of ducks is capped at 25, and if the place is full it is recommended that priority be given to sacrificing ducks of common quality in all three parts. This game is out of the ordinary thinking. It won't take you much time, but it can bring you a lot of fun.
40 Views 03/23/2022
It's a nice time-waster game. It's very addicting and cute, plus, the sound effects and the music is great. I suggest adding seasonal events to make it more fun. I hope the developers add more catastrophic ducks! It's so funny. Also, adding Google Play achievements would be great too so we can have experience points. Overall, it's a good simple game.
TapTap Editor
8 Views 12/10/2021
This is literally a game about breeding a cluster of ducks. You never know what kind of mutant ducks you will get. These ducks, they might look the same, but each of them has a different personality. And guess what, they even 'quack' in a different way. A LOT OF FUN!
7 Views 12/12/2021
love this game! i can make new mutation ducks from an egg, i love the cursed one xD so unique! everytime i got cursed ducks i'll always take a screenshot on it ( ꈍᴗꈍ)
Strange little game
6 Views 04/18/2022
What a strange little time waster type game.  The Good Cutesy graphics, simple gameplay. The Bad The ads are horrendous. Sometimes impossible to escape and really spoil the game. Overall If you can put up with the huge amount of ads, this is a game worth checking out.
Hardcore Gamer
11 Views 12/19/2021
Breeding different ducks, making mutation collection. Funny and intresting, u have ton of options and have to choose right path to unlock some ultra rear mutations. Game overall 10/10 Recommended.
2 Views 11/09/2021
It's that kind of addictive little game that's so weird and silly and hilarious... I just can't stop looking at it!
0 Views 03/31/2022
Good game ..Please add more mutation.. this game is awesome for being what it is
Джамал Алиев
0 Views 04/01/2022
3 Views 12/14/2021
dont waste ur time on it, just ad virus, need a to see a lot of ads to open eggs, bad game🙂
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