CatHotel - Hotel for cute cats

CatHotel - Hotel for cute cats

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Manage your very own cattery:<p>Mrs. Miller has to go on an urgent business trip and the Smith family are looking for accommodation for their house cat while they're on vacation.<br>Your cattery is the purrfect place for them! Care for the kitties, feed them and play with them until their owners come to pick them up again.</p>
<p># Manage your own cat hotel<br># Develop your cattery from a small hotel into a 5-star luxury accommodation for the little sweeties<br># From the trusting Maine Coon to the graceful Burma – care for and feed six different breeds of cats<br># Decorate and design your cat hotel with individual objects<br># Play with your cats using the cat teaser toy, motivate them with the laser pointer game or groom their fur with different brushes<br># Watch how the cats play together, chase each other and sleep peacefully in their baskets</p>
<p>Every cat is different – the cuddly British Shorthair tomcat loves being petted, while Maggy, the curious ragdoll, finds the laser pointer game great fun. You can take care of six different cat breeds in total.<br>Find out the likes of each individual cat and take loving care of your feline friends.<br>Check the health of the cats at check-in. Then your kitty guests need to be cared for, petted and fed. And that's when your day really starts!</p>
<p>There are various items waiting for you in the playroom: you can use the laser pointer to chase the cats around the playroom – breaking a vase or two along the way!<br>You need a good memory and nerves of steel for the cat memory game, because if you don't memorize all the items correctly, a glass might get knocked over!<br>And do you know the cat teaser? Your hotel guests will love it and it'll keep them fit too.</p>
<p>If you take loving care of the cats, your cattery will soon become too small. Expand the rooms with cat trees, baskets and more litter trays so you can take in more guests.<br>But your furry friends will get more and more demanding. They'll need more attention and their individual needs will increase. But the more successful you are, the more stars your hotel will get and the more decorations will be available. And then you’ll be able to care for more different cats.</p>
<p>If you have any questions or comments about this app, please contact our support team at <a href="mailto:[email protected]">[email protected]</a> or visit our Facebook page:</p>
<p>So quick, download CatHotel and open your very own cattery!</p>
<p>Contains In-App Purchases.</p>

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