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Erlan Kurniawan
good game
4 Views 09/01/2022
Hardcore Gamer
9 Views 01/07/2021
Cute style MMORPG game, the system is still the same old no big breakthrough, but relatively speaking is also quite refreshing, will not give people too much pressure to play. With the style of the game itself, the overall play down is quite easy. However, I personally do not like the characters in the game, they all happen to look crooked out of my aesthetic standards, a variety of clothing with, is also a little difficult for people to exhaust, only a few sets look good.
Machine-Gun Rose
62 Views 12/05/2021
I always find the "its auto so it sucks" excuse hilarious. Do people not realize its completely optional? you can manually do things yourself if it bothers you so much.
Lucifier Pl
4 Views 02/26/2021
Developers plsss help can we update .this game in play store isn't in our country in tap tap can't seewing this latest version plssss help 😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡😡
4 Views 10/22/2021
cute, but not awesome graphics gameplay is boring and too much automated, movement outside automatic movement is clunky
Berenger Pratt
1 View 05/05/2022
Why It’s this Luna in the app on ios
4 Views 01/21/2021
after the update i cannot open my character. please help me. it always says updating but ive waited for 1hr and nothing happens
Cute, gonna try it since CFK is closed
17 Views 03/05/2022
Hardcore Gamer
3 Views 01/09/2021
cute & gameplay but I don't like auto game
2 Views 01/07/2021
The update stoping in the notification system. What am gonna do!? Huawei user
That's everything for now. Start a new game?