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Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator A cartoon style toy racing car obstacle challenge. The overall sense of the game is somewhat like the firewheel, a row of racing cars will be in the winding track to make a jump, air, spin, sprint and other operations, and the player needs to make the operation is to adjust the balance of the car body according to the timing of the car leap. Although it seems that the gameplay is relatively simple, the actual hands-on time is very easy to accident. The accelerating power of the car when it lands is closely related to the number of times the car flips in the air, so if you don't grasp the timing, it's easy to make your car fall over, so it will test the player's ability to anticipate the whole thing.
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Translated from Chinese by Google: A straight-line obstacle course game with toy racing theme. The gameplay is relatively simple and intuitive. Players need to keep the vehicle moving on the track without considering cornering and other elements. They only need to control the speed and balance of the vehicle during various volley acrobatics. To put it simple, but when everyone first started playing, they often suffered a loss or two because of greed and want to turn their heads more...
Hardcore Gamer
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Translated with www.DeepL.com/Translator It seems to be a racing game, but in fact it is a parkour game, in which you don't need to control the direction of the car, just keep charging forward, which is very friendly to players who are not good at long curves. But the game has actually been highlighting the racing game sense of competition, there will be a lot of scene changes to highlight the track changes and the sense of speed of the car.
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A parkour-type racing game, the gameplay itself is not very special, mainly control steering to control the car travel. What is more interesting is that the overall scene changes are very rich, such as trains through caves, flying objects shuttle, etc., to reflect the sense of immersion of the car speeding, the scene change action effect is also very delicate, will be more exciting than the general racing parkour game.
Cute penguin
Cute penguin
Hardcore Gamer
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The track is well designed.
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2 Views 02/10/2021
O jogo simplesmente não carrega, fica na barrinha de load pra sempre.
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