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ark single player
2 Views 12/28/2022
This  images in hunt showdown game , this game is the fake....bad game!!!
ark single player
1 View 12/28/2022
This images in the hunt showdown game, this game is the fake....bad game !!!
11 Views 12/29/2020
mmorpg means multiplayer included. how dumb can people get. the game also uses A.I , not real players. and screenshots are stolen from Hunt Showdown. what a horrible game
187 Views 12/23/2021
great graphics and very good styling only if this was multiplayer and an open world game this could quite easily have been a top game it's a shame you restricted it to level play I would have really liked this maybe when you bring out another game you will make an absolute brilliant game you really have an eye for detail and realism so fingers crossed for me I'm going to keep an eye on you in the future 👍🤞😀 so I urge you to have a look at DayZ pc game and see the direction I think you should take because you have something other people don't have I hope the future brings out a masterpiece of a game good luck
Hardcore Gamer
69 Views 12/28/2020
Good, but once you get through a few chapters, the game will get almost impossible. You will have to pay for powerful new weapons.
Fraudulent trash developer
6 Views 08/25/2022
The screenshots are from a completely different game called "Hunt Showdown". They should be sued for this and banned from TapTap.
Kudene Yasha
8 Views 01/05/2021
Please change the maps don't make it so many stages for each stage you need to make a new location and add more weapons and change the stupid multi-player change the player models change the main menu and add pergs like Hp up Attack up and let us choose a profile
6 Views 05/29/2021
Dont even have to download it. when a game has to take screenshots of another game you know its bad.
7 Views 05/12/2021
too much lag! can't even shoot properly for once even! 2gb ram phone. but other games even more than the size of this one plays more perfectly than this.
Samir Jalilov
'Crossfire: Survival Zombie Shooter (FPS)' review
6 Views 10/21/2022
That's everything for now. Start a new game?