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Guardian Koala
DOTA Mobile but Different
396 Views 2022/8/31
Since i have played both League, and Dota 2, i am very much familiar with the mechanics of the game, tbh this game is pretty much similar to DOTA 2 in every aspect of the game, Dota 2 players can easily identify the very much similar hero from the game, ofcourse because it is not valve who is making the game they have to change some abilities, like axe who doesn't have a burn but replaced with a regeneration skill or treant who doesn't have a Stealth but has a knock up, they also have some original characters i think, and you will know if you played autochess. For now all i can say is, this game is the closest to DOTA 2, don't hate other game of the same genre because you want your game to be better, each has their own gameplay, enjoy the game you love. It is still in development so there will be some changes in the future.   
This is my honest review:
1.1K Views 2022/8/12
The game is fine actually but there are some problems I've encountered: 1.) The game is too laggy. Even if I use wifi, the game still lagging. I think most of the players had experienced this. So, you should fix your server or add a speed mode option. 2.) The gameplay is totally great. Some DOTA mechanics were adapted to this game which I kinda like it. However, aside from the game is laggy, the game is quite heavy. I experienced fps drop even though the game is only 1GB. So,  you need to optimize the game.
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Edit: Too many leavers either rage quitting or has a potato for a phone or is still using 3G causing disconnections. There should either be a remake of the match with fresh players to fill-in for the leavers or at least an AI takeover! It's alright. Fun to play though not as fun as WR. It's a good entry level MOBA for those new to the genre. Graphics is significantly better compared to the potato graphics of ML since the latter is by design so even people with potato phones can play it considering ML's market (eg. the kind of people who plays it). But that is probably common knowledge by now since ML is nothing more than a cheap copy of WR lmao 😂
AutoChess MOBA beta test
74 Views 2022/9/2
THIS GAME IS IN BETA TEST!! Read this to other people who did not know!
87 Views 2022/9/2
In beta testing, the game is released in an unfinished form so a limited number of members of the public can help test it. Beta testing is meant to find bugs that the in house testers might have missed. Aut MOBA spin-off AutoChess is coming around full circle with its upcoming game, thematically titled AutoChess MOBA. What's more interesting is that you don't have to wait long to try this game out as its Regional Beta Test period starts in the Philippines this August 11! AutoChess MOBA is published by Dragonest who also developed the spin-off AutoChess which is originally a mod for one of the most popular MOBA games around, Dota 2.
Zacker Gamer A
AutoChess Moba Gameplay Android APK Download
2.1K Views 2022/8/11
Amazing but need balancing between physic hitter heroes(too op) and magic caster(too useless)
58 Views 2022/8/31
hey, as dota player i really appriciate ur works on this game.. but after 100match i think u guys need to buff most support heroes. the game more usefull using tanky core as support than magic caster support, all magic caster supp are very low impact from early game to late game, its like 1 sec stun and no dmg at all "forgot 1 thing and important.. physical hitter heroes are too OP than the magical dmg casters..
40 Views 2022/9/6
This is still on beta test but hell men, it's too nostalgic for some of us that loves DOTA , this is the MOBA of the year, a game changer, I'm  telling you guys this game will be epic. Can't wait for the full version of the game!   
Jharen TV
250 Views 2022/9/9
That's everything for now. Start a new game?