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Lucky Pudim
9 Views 09/18/2022
Bro, I just, my whole life looking for a game of my favorite anime, and TapTap finally showed! All the games in this anime (this one and 2 more) are from another country and I can't finally play, I appreciate the gameplay it's amazing!! I'm Brazilian and I can prove it!! ❤😊
Nguyên khoi Vũ
1 View 10/17/2022
12 Views 01/30/2021
Im wonder if we can pick the character or customize it but I just thinking if its online or offline.If online feel more real because talk to npc its kinda lame.Actually i dont care about it just wonder how the games gonna start if its like the anime story or what???
0 Views 01/13/2021
make 2 player ; 1 emma or norman or ray ; 1 be mother sry for my bad english
0 Views 06/09/2021
wanted to try it but it won't work on my phone, i liked the concept of the game ( i didn't watch the anime) soo it might work or (NOT WORK) depends on your phone.
Mohamed Nasser
8 Views 04/22/2021
this game is awesome it's new kind of game just like kick flight it will succeed and become bigger
Hardcore Gamer
0 Views 01/12/2021
mmm how are they going to pull off this game. is it about us trying to escape the house?? anyways you guys got to watch the anime first.
0 Views 04/21/2021
omo i really want to play cuz the character is cute..But season 2 of this anime is suckk╥﹏╥
2 Views 04/29/2021
I already downloaded it but i just want to say that this game is so cutee and better in socializing ᕦ[ ◑ □ ◑ ]ᕤ
Pahlefi iza mahendra
0 Views 04/21/2021
I'm really waiting for this game, at a glance, the gameplay is really good, wow
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