Screenshot of PROJECT ATLAS
Screenshot of PROJECT ATLAS
Screenshot of PROJECT ATLAS
Screenshot of PROJECT ATLAS
Screenshot of PROJECT ATLAS


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In 220 A.H., the Eye of the Sea catastrophe swept the world, and people could never forget the moment when a bottomless hole appeared in the sea.

After the catastrophe, nearly 90% of the surface was covered by seawater, and the test for mankind had just begun with the loss of land and lack of fresh water. What was once an offshore drilling platform has actually become a maritime sanctuary for humans, and ships have become a means of transport to connect with each other after a simple transformation. Mutants are running rampant, various forces are taking advantage of the chaos to rise, and there is a mysterious unknown sea waiting for people to explore.

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Looks like another extremely good game
zero zz
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I want more beta pls🥲
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Iam under water, please help me, here to much raining, wuuuauuuuu
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Good news to all.. This game launched in November 27, 2023
33 Views 04/20/2023
Hmnn open world but under water.huh. I'm in.... I'm under 🤣
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Ready to Explore the Wasteland Under the Sea? Welcome to "Project: ATLAS"
983 Views 01/19/2021
Han Naing Tun
21 Views 01/23/2023
I Want This Game. Nice Game.
7 Views 12/31/2022
I want to play this game as soon as possible
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