Screenshot of Super Bros Run - Free Run Adventure Game
Screenshot of Super Bros Run - Free Run Adventure Game
Screenshot of Super Bros Run - Free Run Adventure Game
Screenshot of Super Bros Run - Free Run Adventure Game
Super Bros Run - Free Run Adventure Game

Super Bros Run - Free Run Adventure Game

Provider Jura Studio
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It is a beautiful sunny day in Leprechaun Village. Mark and his friends enjoy the sun when suddenly the sky darkens and lightning fills the sky. An evil wizard appears, he steals the Leprechaun's gold and kidnaps all the villagers except Lerp, who luckily escapes. The wizard is planning to use the Leprechaun's magic and combine it with his own to take over the world. So, what are you waiting for????? Let’s jump in Mark game - Run Adventure to help supper bob

Super bros run - Super Adventure is a classic super run jungle adventure free game app that is fun to play with jumping, running, and destroying enemies. You have to destroy the bricks to get coins and hidden powers. Moreover, this classic super run jungle adventure game allows the player to use coins to use powers.

What you will do in this super bros game?

🏃 Super bros Adventure is a game for everyone who loves the competition and challenge because it contains many of them, besides the beautiful graphics of the game that gives the perfect joy to play it.

🏃In games free game, you must jump and run over obstacles, also must smash enemies, climb up huge stairs and mountains, and explore castles.

🏃Help Super bros get through all the stages and gather the points to win and become the hero of the adventure world.

🏃You will be joining in thrilling world adventures to rescue your princess who is being kidnapped by the evil.

🏃Eat strawberry, mushroom to enlarge your body, eat bomb to shoot and kill the enemies, or find items on your adventure path.

🏃Get through many challenges in supper bob game, but this adventure game will definitely take you to a whole new level of fun.

🏃Help Mark run through the mysterious jungle, jump over obstacles, and super evil monsters to save the beautiful princess at the final destination. This game is a free game and you can play offline.

How to play Supper Bob

✔️Use buttons to jump, move and fire the bomb.
✔️ Jump to crash the enemy and monster.
✔️ Eat strawberry, mushroom and bomb to become stronger and defeat all enemies and monsters.
✔️ Collect all coins and bonus items to get more points and buy additional items in the store.

Super bob Run's Features

👍Super game with a beautiful interface, smooth and lively.
👍Music and sound effects extraordinary
👍The adventure game is suitable for all ages.
👍The jungle game includes 20 zones and 100 levels with a time limit at each level for players to feel thrilling and challenging.
👍Do not forget to charge energy and eat special items to increase strength against evil turtle monster.
👍Adventure game with various jungle game maps: snow, night, grass hill, fire, desert, jungle, haunted house, heaven.
👍Evil turtle enemies and monster are waiting for you to punish.
👍Kill monster by shoot or jump on the head.
👍 Easy to play with 4 buttons: jump, eddy jump, shoot and run fast
👍List of player benefits: gold, crystal and rewards system corresponding to daily tasks.

Amid the advent and development of many super bob game genres today, the supper bros is still a classic adventure jungle game for players with many wonderful experiences and memories. And it is a game for free. Because what gives players not only relaxation and relieve fatigue, but also the great feelings of childhood with the adventure game of destroying monster to rescue the legendary princess.

Do not hesitate and join one of the most interesting adventures ever with Bob Run
Fight the monsters - Break all records – And most important: SAVE THE PRINCESS

If you 👍 our game, please rate 5⭐ and write down a comment below 👇 what you like most in this Supper Bros Run and what you want us to improve. Your joy is the most of our priority.

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