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Gg Gs
0 Views 12/21/2022
Jegesi Aszaki
2 Views 09/28/2021
hello everyone 1 question i can't log in because i don't have a chinese document about being an adult what could i do against it because i would love to play this game because i love anime itself
The user has deleted the account
6 Views 07/17/2021
You can only play for 1 hour, without registering with ID, from the 1hr i got to play i must say not too bad, nice art style heavily reminded me of tree of savior. Gameplay is auto navigation for the questing part and auto or manual realtime strategy for the combat. Gameplay feels satisfying, everything is nice and fluid and pleasant to the eye. All in all i was not disappointed from my 1 hour that i got to play :)
1 View 04/29/2021
I wouldn't expect, that I will like this game but it's not so bad although it's highly p2w graphics are fine, gameplay is smooth without lag, you can see other people's characters whichever looks exactly same like yours 🤣,a lot of things to be so you don't get bored.Just today I got lucky and get 3SSR characters from gacha 😊.at the moment is maintenance, so I decided write this poor review 😂
5 Views 06/28/2021
This ******* Manhua ... i've read it AND ALL THE OTHER SERIES, I WANT SOMEONE TO END MY MISERABLE LIFE lmao i wont play this Chinese version go to hell gimme the english...
Tjong Kong Sie
0 Views 04/25/2021
Why is my account banned by CMG and my advice is to just enter this game into the Play Store, if you want lots of downloads in Asia, this is just my suggestion
1 View 04/28/2021
Only missing thing is english version/language. devs please update it I love soul land so much
Dark Beast Gaming
7 Views 04/28/2021
good graphics and nice story line and for those who get banned before playing this download fake gps first then set it to china to avoid getting banned
3 Views 06/28/2021
lol...i wanted to play this game.but..i can't. don't understand the language..plz.. add English language to..so we can paly it too..
Vongola Famiglia
16 Views 01/11/2022
I think this is the Chinese version of soul land advent children isn't it? I mean they look the same.
That's everything for now. Start a new game?