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Tahzib Hussaini
55 Views 05/13/2022
dint expect anything from gamevil honestly....unless it was SMS themselves ported their pCARS to android like Grid Autosport....the home screen where a Ford GTE and a Mercedes AMG GT3 were battling told me all that this company has no idea how these two different class of race cars actually race....
Evo Gaming
0 Views 03/28/2021
It's 2021.No one likes to play a one-tap game. Also everyone was expecting more from this game. I feel sorry to say that you have destroyed your own fanbase. Try to make a good game soon or you guys won't have a fanbase.
Im Ali!
1 View 03/23/2021
i hate asphalt series, but i prefer A9 to this ...
Tanjiro Kamado
1 View 03/23/2021
Do Devs knows that no ONE! NO ONE wants to play games that plays itself? Don't bother installing
leon kak
1 View 04/06/2021
A pretty relaxing car game for those who don't want to stress themselves since it's a tap, hold, release game. I wouldn't recommend it for someone who wants more action and control of the game
Anurag YT Boy
0 Views 02/02/2021
when a project car release on Android devices there are so many bug ya ?? or not so I give 2 star ok
3 Views 03/25/2021
Very bad game. The car rolls and turns automatically. You only apply the brakes and change gear. Extreme stupidity
Hardcore Gamer
2 Views 09/08/2021
Good game good graphics good cars, beautiful maps, easy grinding and unlocking cars, add more cars and tracks it will be 5 star racing game.
nivibo awomi
0 Views 03/22/2021
I have downloaded but it showing error game 👊👊👊I lose my mb
2 Views 03/23/2021
thz taptap for dis game it's Okey to me tha car ya you make my best birthday ever thz your the best taptap
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