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Yeager Official
Yeager: Hunter Legend open beta test available now on mobile!
17K Views 03/16/2023
Yeager Official
Launch Announcement
6.1K Views 03/10/2023
miss happened fecility
Yeager hunter legend
148 Views 03/19/2023
First of all best mmorpg like igg making a decent game 🤔 there must be pigs flying around now but let's go to the bad side now story is decent but too damn long I want to play not watch a cut scene for an hour needs optimization maybe the server is full I don't know but need to fix performance don't even think about download this game on a low end device you might as well roast your device as marshmallow over a campfire with Jason Voorhees than try to play this and now the hunting aspect of the game I didn't expect much but caught me off gaurd with decent combat but did I mention it being too damn short and I don't even feel the force of the hit when I'm hitting the monster and please throw away the monsters health bar the best part about monster Hunter is you have to guess the monster's health and let us carve and pray for rare drops to get new armour or weapons and i don't know if there are armour set bonuses but there should be set bonuses then for the love of God or satan let there be a Hunter's guild like in monster hunter I don't want to complete story missions in order to hunt monster let me ducking lvl up on my god damn own I don't care if veredyn or eredyn is in danger let me do co op with others to lvl up stop lvl caping me to finish story missions
Yeager: Hunter Legend Gameplay (Android, iOS) - Part 1
592 Views 03/16/2023
Yeager Official
Get ready to party! A brand-new server is on its way!
60 Views 03/15/2023
Mehmet Erdogan
52 Views 03/18/2023
My phone can run cod mobile easy on max graphics, but this game makes my phone burn. İt can also run on max graphics, but there are too much lags and freezing. Game could ben better if it had cartoonish graphics like fortnite.
Be Rad
110 Views 03/17/2023
Game is great with amazing graphics very little lag but the sound comes and goes. I realize it’s beta but it has to be said or you won’t know what to fix right. Hope it stays this awesome after the beta is over. Looking forward to playing more.
Bad Geometry (BadGeometryYt)
Love it ❤️
18 Views 5d
But there is lag when switching to cuts scenes but other then that the game runs very well. It is great if you like dauntless and has a great story line.
38 Views 03/20/2023
Why does the ads system has two boxes when moving your aim? What's wrong with the ads system from other shooting games? It's disappointing, I love the bow and the Flux but I had to feel the hassle ads system in the game? I play it on mobile which makes it even more annoying to aim every time.
26 Views 03/20/2023
In one word, Fantastic, Very nice execution of the mechanics and a great environment. My only complaint is that, it's not very exploration friendly.....Hoped that it would be like monster hunter world, but it's not there
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