Drift Spirits

Drift Spirits

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Screenshot of Drift Spirits
Screenshot of Drift Spirits
Screenshot of Drift Spirits
Screenshot of Drift Spirits
Screenshot of Drift Spirits
Screenshot of Drift Spirits
Screenshot of Drift Spirits
Screenshot of Drift Spirits


・ Challenge function implementation
You can get rewards by clearing the theme!
Clear the beginner challenge,
Escape from "Drift Spirits" beginners! !!
Daily challenge can be challenged every day! !!
・ RTB is also evolving!
RTB that can play against other drivers in real time! !!
A free battle that you can feel free to do without worrying about the performance of the vehicle!
A dan battle aiming for height with the vehicle and arms!
Furthermore ... A new battle will be added! !!


■ What is "Drift Spirits"?
Decide! The fastest drift! !! Welcome to the world of "Drift Spirits"!
Win a one-on-one drift battle and grab the fastest title!

・ Easy operation by touching the screen makes anyone powerful
Enjoy drifting!
・ Incandescent battle anytime, anywhere!
Your smartphone turns into a mountain pass!
-The corners are brilliantly cleared by drifting!
Explode nitro power on the straight!
・ Real-time communication battles with drivers nationwide!
・ Many popular models from domestic and foreign car manufacturers are now available!
-Synthesize and strengthen parts and install them in the car!
Power up to the strongest specifications!
・ By upgrading the car
Color and wings can be selected!
Decide how cool it looks!
・ The BGM that fuels the uplifting feeling of battle is
Newly written by a gorgeous artist! Turn up the volume too!

■ Main game modes
・ Story battle
To defeat the legendary driver called "Emperor"
Kick off a number of great drivers who stand in each area!

・ VS battle
One-on-one Thaiman battle with other player data!
Kick off your rivals and grab the fastest title!

・ Fastest legend ranking
Aim for the TOP by accumulating the ranking scores obtained in the battle!

In addition to this, in future version upgrades
We plan to add new battle modes and new models!
Please look forward to the ever-evolving "Drift Spirits"! !!

[Operating environment and other inquiries]

* Please be sure to use this app in the operating environment described in the link above. Even if you use it in the operating environment, the app may not work properly depending on your usage status and model-specific factors.

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