Screenshot of Star Wars: Hunters™
Screenshot of Star Wars: Hunters™
Star Wars: Hunters™

Star Wars: Hunters™

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If you’ve ever dreamed of competing in a galactic arena, the roar of the cheering crowd in your ears, a new Star Wars game promises to capture that spirit with all-new characters and Star Wars-inspired locations.

During today’s Nintendo Direct, Zynga and Lucasfilm Games announced Star Wars: Hunters, a competitive arena combat game coming to the Nintendo Switch system in 2021. Star Wars: Hunters will bring players together to engage in thrilling, team-based, multiplayer battles featuring a diverse array of distinctive new Star Wars characters.

Set after the fall of the Galactic Empire, Star Wars: Hunters will connect players in real time to battle in arena settings inspired by iconic Star Wars locales. Play as daring Bounty Hunters, heroes of the Rebellion, and an Imperial stormtrooper, in an action game that immerses players in fast-paced and visually stunning Star Wars conflict.

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Best time to show your light to the world.
The game is very addictive...can't stop playing! Runs great and has controller support.  There's this mode called Huttball!!!  Soooo good, gotta kill enemies while trying to score 3 goals first..maps are good.
16 Views 11/13/2023
Celo Star Wars
Star Wars: Hunters™ - New Map: Death Star Crossfire
4.4K Views 09/19/2023
Hareth Albana
2.7K Views 11/11/2023
MammaMishaBe67 Ag
New map needs the update
31 Views 09/19/2023
13 Views 07/20/2023
when will it come
STAR WARS HUNTERS NEW SEASON UPDATE || New Legendary hunters and Weapon Skins
2.8K Views 06/18/2023
Star Wars:Hunters
285 Views 11/24/2021
Can't hold the centre. lol. This game type is class based heroes in a capture and hold format. I wanna like this game. There's a lot to love. Built on the Unreal Engine it's beautiful. Combat is PvP, but since it's beta there's bots on my team. They're not great at their jobs. The classes are okay. The Wookie tank is brutal but the red light saber wielder is kinda OP. Healer is okay but way too squishy.
Sab0tage Gaming
14 Views 09/29/2023
Dude when is Star Wars Hunters finally gonna come out on Android? Delayed it 3 times now with one of the biggest gaming companies in the world and can't get their stuff together! I am really wanting to play this game but this s*** is getting ridiculous!
52 Views 01/01/2023
I wish this was available on my region😢
That's everything for now. Start a new game?