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Hardcore Gamer
18 Views 03/15/2021
The game is a top-down cartoon battle royale with PVE elements. Players have to face other players and defeat monsters in the field during the battle, and all kills will drop gold coins, which can be used to buy limited props and content upgrades at designated locations in the field, while characters also have options to upgrade outside the field. The characteristics of each character are relatively clear, and there is a distinction between villains and villains, the freshness is still very high. However, the current version has too little content, only one map, six available characters, promotion options and props are also conservative in design, few players, basically AI, so it is easy to get bored.
Asura Nox
5 Views 02/27/2021
Funny but it's a bit annoying because the enemies become invisible from time to time, some maps are black ... It can be improved🤔
Reithking Gamers
4 Views 10/23/2021
this game is great cartoon battle royale human vs Zombie's LoL😍
3 Views 10/24/2021
interesting game, but many whores play such as glitch
3 Views 06/02/2021
fun fact : you are playing alone
0 Views 03/23/2021
Worth trying. Good game with alot more potential
Jomelio Bandal
8 Views 12/20/2021
cant play offline mode😠😵👎
Cute penguin
Cute penguin
Hardcore Gamer
0 Views 03/15/2021
not bad
04_Nguyễn Huỳnh Trí Dũng
0 Views 02/06/2023
1 View 08/19/2022
시간 잘 갑니다. 친구랑 하면 쫓아다니며 때려잡느라 심장이 쫄깃. 좀비가 더 재미써요 :3
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