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3 Views 12/23/2022
Christianity is the most persecuted religion. Dont celebrate Christmas or Easter if your not celebrating it as a Christian since they are Christian holidays which are not meant to be celebrated in a pagan way. why dont u celebrate ramadan in unreligious way? because u respect islam, and u disrespect christianity. Islam converted, persecuted, destroyed other religions for 1400 years till now. Arabs are only kind when they are the minority in a country but when u go to their countries you are persecuted .
Carlos Sanchez_savage21
3 Views 10/27/2022
the game is good but it needs to update
diqi muhammad532
4 Views 10/28/2022
63 Views 08/30/2022
first one was better this is way too cartoon like and does not feel like the last original, but anyway its fun but just saying the old one is much better and funner.
Kyle Walker
12 Views 09/29/2022
EVERY TIME i get pass the totorial the game kicks me out and reset me please see if this bug can be patched
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81 Views 09/17/2022
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31 Views 10/22/2022
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19 Views 10/21/2022
Vaibhav Singh
7 Views 07/08/2021
after downloading, this game says there is a new version plz update then i select taptap for update but nothing happens. plz fix this issue
котяра gamer
6 Views 04/14/2022
I really love this game and I love the fact that Barry has the gun now but the sound track is not that good as the original one from first
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