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Love Anime
0 Views 2022/7/26
this game shut down don't play game
70 Views 2022/4/25
The original name of this game is Cnm and Gun :) The game is good but collecting characters is so hard even you complete the step-up gacha, there's a chance you wont get the character and collecting gems is hard unlike the other games but still worth it grinding up It mostly like a p2w game...
243 Views 2022/4/3
this is the censored version "Cum And Gun" ,you can find the uncensored one on Nutaku or Erolab.if you want to know what kind game is this,well the Tag on Nutaku or erolab is MOBA,to have s*x with the character you need a lot of time to grind some material for raise your affection with the chatacter,this online game,if you wonder about the gacha rate.....its 0,0...%(i dont remember) even pick up banner have the same rate with the other.but the pity is 30x spin to get *3 character with chance 50:50 pity system
11 Views 2022/5/6
I think this is a h#@tai game shooter
Video Star
13 Views 2021/3/17
This game easily is the most waifu fan service game of the year so far. It plays like an arena fighter. And the girls all have skills that are designed to be water-based. It is heavily waifu inspired. So if you like that? Then you will have fun battling and collecting your favorite waifu. Full Review= https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lAdDAB-3jPU
4 Views 2022/5/5
Bruh😅 This one is safe for work everyone
29 Views 2021/3/16
Nice competitive game with a great nurturing system. Each female character has a lot of clothing to get, all swimsuits, very summer feeling. Currently only three on three mode, you can get random props to help players get victory. Look forward to the subsequent official launch of new content ~
Yojie Azenila
89 Views 2022/5/2
hahahahaha the uncensored game name is cum and gun
15 Views 2022/2/7
5🌟 1st of All if you see this feedback & Your Below 18yrs old please find another game ,this game game is not recommended to minor's. So i tried The UC version ,its good ,nc graphics. But if the time comes TapTap knows About this game ,lets just say condolence to this game & find it on the chrome. But im sure soon TapTap will find this and take down immediately.
Wibu Asal Main
15 Views 2021/3/16
don't watch it when your parents are next to you 😂👍 link : https://youtu.be/RxvJ2PLpdvo
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