Screenshot of Master Topia
Screenshot of Master Topia
Screenshot of Master Topia
Screenshot of Master Topia
Screenshot of Master Topia
Master Topia

Master Topia

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- Explore the mysterious realm
Ashram is the place where the dreams of brave men and women begin. Follow the guidance of the Book of Truth, travel the vast land, collect the fragments scattered throughout the kingdom, subdue the untamed dragon spirits, and write the legend of the brave for all eternity!

- Cute Pets
Login to the game to get exclusive mounts, and thousands of cute pets are active in the wilderness! The Forest of Fireflies, the Bay of Dawn, and the Pure Snow, choose a mount that suits the terrain to make your journey easier and more fun. Discover rare breeds, collect all the cute pets illustrations, and become a master of cultivating cute pets!

- Unlock the Dragon Soul Exclusive Divine Costume
The dragon spirit, who has entered into a contract with the brave, is the most loyal follower of the brave and is willing to give everything for the brave. Soul pearl cultivation, weapon refinement, soul body transfiguration, to enhance the war power of the brave to the highest! The beautiful Tamagotchi, the arrogant Elizabeth, the evil Bamut... Which dragon spirit will you choose to establish the deepest bond with?

- Epic boss fight
Wind Wolf, Phantom, Shadow Dragon, the prehistoric bosses lurking in the battlefield ruins, guarding the best treasures and equipment, only the Brave Protagonist group can defeat. Attention! The powerful power of the bosses will tempt and turn against you. Don't let your dragon soul become evil too!

- Meet the Man of Destiny
Meet interesting souls and leave a group photo in a beautiful scenic place as a token of reunion afterwards. Dating hand in hand, together feed the cute pets, design fashion, let your friends witness a most romantic wedding!

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