Screenshot of Shining Nikki
Screenshot of Shining Nikki
Screenshot of Shining Nikki
Screenshot of Shining Nikki
Screenshot of Shining Nikki
Shining Nikki

Shining Nikki JP

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Provider Papergames
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Realistic reproduction of over 1000 types of fashion with 3D graphics!
Depending on the combination of fashions with textures and designs that are particular about the details, the possibilities of fashion are endless.

Furthermore, Shining Niki is full of attractive elements such as a deep world view and story, designers (characters) who create various fashions, and abundant systems.
By all means, please travel to the new world where the coordination will be the power with the main character "Niki" through the game.

The story begins when Niki, the main character who knows the secret of the continent of Marvel, travels back in time to the continent of Marvel 680 years ago. Niki has lost some of his memory in return for time travel.
"You" drawn into Niki's heart are asked to help save the Marvel continent.
Niki confronts various difficulties by turning the hidden memories and thoughts of fashion designers into power. Step by step, to approach the fate of the Marvel continent, the fate of all the world.

[Many gorgeous voice actors appear]
Niki: Kana Hanazawa
Momo: Ikue Otani
Realido: Shinnosuke Tachibana
Roan: Yuki Ono
Hata: Kazuyuki Okitsu
Evening: Rie Takahashi
Sora: Yoshimasa Hosoya
Umi: Aimi Tanaka
Lilith: Ami Koshimizu
Fia: Shizuka Ito
Mercury: Toshiyuki Morikawa

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