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'Hunt Royale: Action RPG Battle' review
29 Views 11/11/2022
here is an amazing game to kill time also after you get into dungeon mode it opens up into a full on fun to play no money needed GAME. easy to be at the top everything is obtained free if you want to get perks and abilitys faster u could pay monthly subscription otherwise u will still aquire without any money love this game and content in it fun fast pace also good community
Hardcore Gamer
19 Views 12/29/2021
This is one of the most fun games in the style of Action and Battle Royal although the graphics are rather squarish and vivid. I like the uniqueness of the gameplay which starts by bringing in one hero with random professions. This game has so many heroes with a variety of professions and combat styles. The first hero I got was an archer elf whose advantage is in long distance attack. Once we start playing, the game will create a four person room where we will not fight amongst ourselves but fight to survive from the monsters. The gameplay is very simple in that the hero will not attack while moving but will automatically attack when you are idle. Therefore, you can just play this game with only one finger.
24 Views 04/11/2021
Similar to the multiplayer online version of "Archero", up to four people hunting on a large map. With the increase in the number of hunting, you can upgrade different buff branches, will also continue to brush out more and more powerful monsters, and BOSS for players to challenge. Players accumulate experience gold, buy battle pass can get a new occupation, different occupations have different ways of attack, more varied. The overall gameplay is more than "Archero" emphasizing the fun of cooperative break-in, and the degree of freedom will be higher.
5 Views 06/15/2022
Its a fun little game that could become quite addictive for a while
2 Views 06/18/2021
Really good game. kind of like archeo, but it has it's own distinctive features. if you are looking for an action game with a lot of fun in a short time, this is the game for you.
BasicProgram Trafalgar
1 View 04/14/2021
Nice game, best for casual games but need more game mode like removing the time limit in hunt mode to make it more fun.
1 View 04/14/2022
worthless tards
VIG Super Growth
0 Views 04/12/2021
Love this game.. Like the visual..
funny for long time😎
11 Views 06/14/2022
2 Views 04/14/2021
good game
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