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Tyler Severin
1 View 6 days ago
love the game so much wish it had an English version by
Vergil Sparda
0 Views 2022/8/1
jhaffs Pulalon
0 Views 2022/7/22
please i need this
Pøùtçhî Çhínwį
3 Views 2022/7/17
59 Views 2022/5/4
this game so amazing...i love DMC If you want to play you can see the tutorial on youtube Don't just give a rating
Patrick Hurst
4 Views 2021/3/25
Sorry for the rating but. Please let players play it without a time limit on it. The game is great. I give it a 1 star bcoz of the limited time given not bcoz of the game. Plz fix this.
TapTap Editor
40 Views 2021/3/25
Devil May Cry mobile version test has finally begun. It is a game that has significantly better graphics and control than you think. Since it is still in the testing stage, there are many network environments and insufficient parts, but I think it will be a better game when it is officially released. Currently, the game only supports Chinese, and global users must refer to the guidelines: https://www.tap.io/topic/2148016222
RoMaN Ulove
0 Views 2021/3/25
I like it, best tap button slashes. With a story line, and jokes, 🎶. The best grade I had was B-5420points best combo. For first time it's ok, the controls are good. But we need an custom option for button layout if u want to hit a good combos. I need a extra finger I guess XD Great work! Thank you
1 View 2021/3/25
I tried it for 25 minutes circa because I kinda wasted my Guest time,in that time I really liked how developers managed to create a good game truthful to the original saga. My feedback are mainly about the targeting system that I prefer if it has a totally separate button,using a better Title Screen picture and giving the possibility to keep shooting while keeping the fire button pressed (even with a slower fire rate I am okay).Performances on my Redmi Note 9 (4GB,128GB) were okay but sure it could be optimized better.
2 Views 2021/3/26
so my first impresion is like dmc 3 but of course dmc 3 is better this game make my device hot (60fps) but average is good but when lvl up the weapon skill need skill book and red orb. why dont using red orb only? like dmc pc? make fans dmc console disapointed and weapon can upgrade too? lol its make more disapointed and when exit the game there is sound bug appear "kresekkresek so im not satisfied now
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