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Lay the smackdown on your opponents in a variety of multi-platform arenas by knocking them off the stage and into the stratosphere. Dominate in various game modes that include 1v1, 2v2, Brawl, Arena and Soccer Showdown, each with their own victory conditions.

Unlock rewards like rare costumes, KO effects, as well as coins you can use to redeem items. Level up your heroes and increase your player proficiency the more you play!

Just like traditional platform fighting games, your goal in Flash Party is to KO your opponents - by knocking them off stage and sending them beyond the stage's boundaries! Featuring a platform stage (and sometimes with additional ledges), your hero will have a value that increases every time it gets hit. The higher the value, the more likely you'll be knocked off the stage. Victory conditions vary depending on the chosen game mode: 1v1, 2v2, Brawl, Arena, and Soccer Showdown.

Choose from a wide range of heroes, including melee fighters, ranged archers, and casters that utilize traps. Find the one that suits your own playstyle and master their distinct fighting arts as you breeze through battles with epic combos! Unlock special skills unique to each hero and use 'em to your advantage in battle.

Choose from a variety of maps, all of which are designed to illustrate our heroes' hometowns. Current maps include Sivi's Studio, Olympus, Center School, Macalon Paradise, and Jotunheim, and each one has varying quirks corresponding to different game modes and special events. The maps, levels, rules, and mechanisms are changed on a rotational basis, bringing you a unique game experience every day.

Dress up your heroes in adorable costumes, change up your KO effects and respawn pods. Rock the stage with fancy looks and jaw-droppin' combat!

Met some players you enjoy sparring with and want to befriend them? Add 'em as friends using the in-game Friends system. Think you can easily surpass their scores? Challenge them to a friendly battle with a simple tap of a button! What's a platform fighting game without a lil' friendly competition now and then?

Set up custom rooms for Friendly Battles, or Quick Join public battles to fight or even just to spectate matches. Tailor the battle according to your needs, be it for practice, a casual tournament, or a quick get-together with your friends.

Follow us on social media to get the latest news on Flash Party! Get access to exclusive events and live broadcasts, meet like-minded players and interact with the game developers to better our gaming experience.
Official Website: https://fp.xd.com/
Official Twitter: @PlayFlashParty
Official Discord: https://discord.gg/flashparty
Official TikTok: https://vt.tiktok.com/ZSeQwHakc/

Available Text Languages
English, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional), Japanese, Thai, Bahasa Indonesia, Korean, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Russian


We grow from a small team and very honored to launch on TapTap. Even though this version is still in progress. Due to this, you might encounter lagging, bugs, unsatisfying gameplay. But we are looking forward to hearing your voice on TapTap, our Discord channel. If you like Flash Party, let’s make it better!
Flash Party is what we expect to be fabulous platform fighter on your phone. Hope this party world can bring you happiness , along with cute Sophia, cool Tina, tsundere Sandy and all other heroes here.
For new party players like you, we also wanna know what this mean to you. Whether the tutorial is understandable, default UI is acceptable, do you still wanna play after several matches? Feel free to tell us on TapTap and Discord!


Version 2022-04-22
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[New Season: Reborn]

The time has come to break the cocoon and enjoy a new life! Look! At the center of the stage in Metropolis, a concert named Reborn is going on. The rising star trainee Seaya is about to sing! Are you ready to enjoy her performance?

[New Hero: Seaya]

A sparkling new star has come to Metropolis and her name is Seaya! Rumor has it that this talented singer was Princess Atlantis of the deep sea. After many days of hard work, Seaya has finally made her debut with her new single. She will convince everyone, including her opponents, in this city with her smile and singing.

[New EP]

Seaya appears on stage with two new EPs:

[New Party Pass]

A new Party Pass is released with a new hero Seaya the Mermaid Singer, her new skin Idol Trainee, and Respawner: Spotlight Stage. Come on. Let’s follow the rhythm of idols!

[New Skin Set: Miracle Studio]

A stage of spotlight, whoever on it will be the focus of attention.

[New Mode: Squad Strike]

The new mode Squad Strike is available. Team up with your friends to fight a 3v3 Squad Strike, embracing friendship and hot blood in the battle.

Please be aware that this fierce battle is more complicated than 1v1 battle because there are candidates who may give buffs to their teammates in battle or they may deploy strikers.

[New Skin: Seaya – Idol Trainee]

Idols should dress up even during training.

[New Skin: Magician – Ace Agent]

With packing done, Ace Agent is ready to leave for today’s activities.

[New Skin: Tina – Star Producer]

Her notebook is filled with the ways to make her idol famous.

[New Skin: Chilli - Spring Garden Party]

A tinge of spring grass and sunshine escapes from the plaid cloth.

[New Skin: Macalon - Purple Yam Bully]

Purple yam turns into a demon… Oh, no. It’s a giant dragon!

[New Skin: Heracles - Popcorn]

When popcorn meets bad temper...Pop! The smell of delicious and victory!

[New Skin: Mikko - Gladiator]

The mythical gladiator clad in armor wins the favor of Goddess of Victory with his strength.


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Official Tobilicious : Hey G0dzly, we apologize if you are experiencing these certain issues your currently facing, you can clear your cache to remove junk files to avoid getting crashes into the game, after that, make sure to have a stable internet connection so that you will be able to connect into the game, you can also download Tap Booster so that it will help optimize your gameplay, thank you so much for your support




Official Discord discord.gg/flashparty
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