Flash Party (Early Access)

Flash Party (Early Access)

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I think it's high time I give a review on the game.
When I started playing flash party the factor which made me keep playing was it's SIMPLICITY and it's uniqueness . Compared to other fighter games I played it was way simple and enjoyable at same time.Never I have played a fighter game for this long except for flash party.
Moreover the charming character, Labbing for combos by mixing the characters normal and special attacks was soo fun. The ways you can get creative and attack outside stadium/ledge in the game was marvelous (My favorite part).The community is wholesome. The staff and devs listens to their players..And the regular update and new contents never cease to amaze me.There where times when the game had wierd bugs or a character would be OP but all of the problems are always addressed and fixed sooner or later.Plus, there are events /tournament conducted regularly for which players are rewarded as well.The growth of the game from the start to this point was really amazing even though its still in early access and can't wait to see what future holds for flash party.
So, overall I would definitely recommend anyone who loves fighting games or a someone who wants to try a fighter game for first time.
About the recent update:
I have a mixed kinda review on the new update. The addition of shielding and grab is fine but it comes at the cost of addition of extra buttons which kills the same reason I started playing flash party.
There are no more combing. I feel the shield usage time is little too much it becomes spammable and makes the game soo boring and slow paced. No more connection of attacks from normal to special atks so no more fun labbings. Few characters are weirdly nerfed and doesn't seem to be a viable option to play that character in matches . Reduction of jumps from 3->2 when on stage sounds good but off stage you just get 1 jump+air didge and characters special skill to recover which kills the outside stadium gameplay totally .
So, overall I feel the recent update killed the game uniqueness and the SIMPLICITY I loved is fading away. I do understand ,its about trying out new things and I do believe devs will take a good choice in the future. Hope for the bright future of the game!!!
I am really glad for able to find the game earlier and witnessing it's growth was amazing . Eager to see whats in store for us in upcoming days.

Official Tobilicious : Hello kirai, as you mentioned on the review, we do understand that you have some mixed feelings about the update as we want to explore new ways on how to adapt into new changes into the game. We do hope that we can improve more overall of the performance of each players in order for them to have new challenges into the game. There will be times that some people will agree or disagree into this new update but we do hope every players will be able to enjoy this game so that we can improve the game better. 👍
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Official Tobilicious : Hey Adams, thank you so much for that support 👍
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