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Sausage Man Global Launch Gameplay (Android, iOS)
237 Views 6d
Binh Lu
Ss5 is full of bug, and cheater
20 Views 7d
Yeah, SS5 just come with full of bugs. And even this update just released a couple days, cheaters found their way to continue... cheating without afraid of  anticheat system. That mean anticheat system is totally trash. They shows us list of banned accounts, but the chance to meet cheater ingame is fucking high, mean there are A LOT of cheaters still survive
Radinka Fitri
'Sausage Man' review
22 Views 2d
This game is quite cute although the game play is the same as PUBG, but the character and all of little details is cuuute
Aryan Kumar
'Sausage Man' review
46 Views 7d
here I like the game but the players are literally dog water, they are literally brain dead, only few players are very good thats why I am still playing the game
Grim Reaper
230 Views 11/10/2022
this game is dead. Dont install this game. I installed it and played it and its either cheaters or the match is dead every que takes 100 years and the chat barely alive. How can you talk in chat and not play the game? How hasnt this game not shutdown with a on life support playerbase? Game looks unique and fun but theres no point in playing i cant progress and my match is cheatets who tp behind me and shoot me
SAUSAGEMAN ¿《°▪︎⊙<>⊙▪︎°》¿
122 Views 11/17/2022
tencent gamer
Good game
61 Views 5d
I've only been playing this game for 3 or 4 days but the game is excellent I recommend it to everyone
66 Views 11/17/2022
I love playing with my sausage
15 Views 11/17/2022
GGreat game, but there's not enough players to play to all of the games, wich is a problem when you cant complete quests cuz u cant start a game
26 Views 11/16/2022
I put this rating because you didn’t make a man sausage for Europe, although many from Europe would like to play with a normal ping, and without any problems
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