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Hardcore Gamer
85 Views 01/08/2022
This is a game that anyone who enjoys beating 'em ups and action should get their hands on. It's a basic game with simple principles that makes it interesting to play and a great way to kill time and pass the time. The thrill of slashing through a slew of adversaries without having to deal with too sophisticated controls. This game is incredibly fun to play since you can tap and swipe and stay occupied for an hour or so as long as you have energy points to spend.
Hirou Hikaru
4 Views 05/12/2021
The game is easy to play, not that hard to follow all the mechanics. Yeah playable no need to top up tho. i will give it 4 star for graphics etc.
2 Views 08/06/2021
IDK why but the vertical style gameplay doesn't feel right to me. I wish there was a horizontal mode too.
3 Views 08/06/2021
I haven't tried it yet but just for suggestions, develop the game and hold interesting events
Awesome Dude1
3 Views 04/19/2021
it was fun for a couple of minutes and then it was just I wasn't strong enough and there was nothing I could do to get stronger
4 Views 12/23/2021
all the best of chance to the developer that made this game,its good
1 View 06/23/2022
this is absolutely amazing game
Timmy Ark
3 Views 10/14/2022
Not b
2 Views 08/21/2021
my internet is so good but when when i enter the game it keep saying 'network error.retry connection'. whatttt??? how do i fixx thiss
2 Views 01/09/2022
not the best but just as what as I needed to kill time , hats of to the devs.
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