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This game is fun to play
3 Views 12/23/2022
Christianity is the most persecuted religion. Dont celebrate Christmas or Easter if your not celebrating it as a Christian since they are Christian holidays which are not meant to be celebrated in a pagan way. why dont u celebrate ramadan in unreligious way? because u respect islam, and u disrespect christianity. Islam converted, persecuted, destroyed other religions for 1400 years till now. Arabs are only kind when they are the minority in a country but when u go to their countries you are persecuted .
Anti Mage
3 Views 12/20/2022
I love this game so much but its pay to win
1 View 12/23/2022
Dead Devs , don't i
0 Views 12/05/2022
broken games
I like the game just some problems
21 Views 11/13/2022
love this game i just wish there was more charaters like toga twice and others the pity is kinda to much they should just make it 70 or 60 not 100 and the other thing is aizawa quest it's so hard and stamina is shit like it took me like 10 mins to get rid of all my stamina so i use premium hero coins and that's so expensive like give us alot more stamina bc i can barely enjoy this game for 10 mins other then that gameplay is good and the other stuff like arena is very nice
0 Views 11/25/2022
it's that be my hero academia game u can find
seif cage
Need to save or Tranfer my account to available server
9 Views 11/11/2022
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Just absolutely amazing
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