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Ellie Kin
They didn't try to do good and they didn't succeed.
5.3K Views 11/09/2022
Needs optimisation
35 Views 11/26/2022
I do understand that it is in its early days but the graphics could be better, if the overall optimisation of the graphic is improved and allows mid-low spec phones to run the game smoothly it would be able to compete with other famous games like PUBGM oor CODM and possibly be one of the top games in mobile. please make it possible and ill give a higher rating :) <3
It's nice but needs a lot more work some things are really unrealistic
70 Views 11/14/2022
its nice & all but needs more work on the explosions of tanks they just disappear would be nice too use as cover add helicopters like the apache chinook or the same ones trom battlefield big ones or not the buzzard looking ones from gta v cuz those helicopters are soo overated but if you do at least add different arsenal of vehicles & helicopters but different modes like with just tanks or helicopters some bigger maps like a ground war mode bot modes with all the multiplayer mode with challenges & rewards if that happens make the bots super hard & have ai or not would be nice too add sliding maybe more vehicles or pedestrian vehicles rog system free roam mission area like the division would be dope & having safe zone camp bunker base survival mode raid or defend from players ,& bots where you can have soldiers take out bases & another survival mode where its 4 too 8 or 16 & more players there are the harder it gets nore bots more tanks more planes more getting attacked by helicopters if you can add planes would be nice game is great but buildings antennas dont get destroyed or the ground would be nice too of the driving system was a wheel if the ads has ads not sure if people are ok with paraglides if so have amode on It guns shoot really nice & smooth... If guns shoot more realistic it be a bonus adding female/male character options would be dope too blow up planes as well big planes fall hit too the ground realistically & can also use the rubble as well as cover but when its on fire it can burn you & it stays during the whole match reset repeat if heads blown up realistically as graphics or gore settings blow peoples arms or lets off...
16 Views 11/24/2022
Server is getting ridiculous, just play about 15mins+ and all players suddenly walking backwards, the ping stay on same point (likely 52ms same as started) and well... Congratulations EA you've earned one star from me, kindly make more improvement and focus on your server, and additional stars can be purchased for $5.99 each.
14 Views 11/16/2022
I cant share the same experience like the 1 Star ratings. Overall its fun for a Beta! Im now Max Level (Beta), all Guns and Extras Missions, Events and Rewards are really good. Sure Gfx are not the Best but playable? You can even feel the Bottleneck in Rush Maps. Thanks to the Devs to let us all play. Even EU (no region lock) Need change: Hit Reg (sometimes good sometimes little sht) UI overhaul Spawnsystem spec. Rush needs rework.
Kang Wawan
So realistic
54 Views 11/26/2022
OMG it's so realistic exactly the way i see the world without my glasses, even tho i set graphic to max, everything still so goddamnd blur.
Play Time
Battlefield Mobile 😃New Android Open Beta Gameplay [ Part 1]
6.1K Views 11/10/2022
Johnnny3czvole ✅️
Battlefield mobile - Open beta
180 Views 11/14/2022
Big up to devs for develop this game on Android & IOS. Well, game it self is good but devs need more work on it before soft or full launch. I am so surprised about graphics and movement (need more work on it). Last alfa test been so horrible but this beta so far is better. Will se what we get after couple of weeks or months. 😊🔥 🎮 Rating: 6.7/10 🎮
Battlefeild Mobile Beta
66 Views 11/13/2022
Soccer Zombies
23 Views 11/16/2022
The game of battlefield Mobile works well overall and the visuals overall are very nice. The fps has issues but it's normal for a beta and the quality settings don't seem to change way to much. Hope to eventually see a resolution slider to get a more crisp image and get more potential out of my phone.
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