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Screenshot of Punishing: Gray Raven
Screenshot of Punishing: Gray Raven
Screenshot of Punishing: Gray Raven
Screenshot of Punishing: Gray Raven
Screenshot of Punishing: Gray Raven
Screenshot of Punishing: Gray Raven


Punishing: Gray Raven is a fast-paced ultra-stylish Action-RPG.

Mankind is almost extinct. Earth has been conquered by a robotic army—the Corrupted—twisted and warped by a biomechanical virus known as The Punishing. The last survivors have fled into orbit, aboard the space station Babylonia. After years of preparation, the Gray Raven special forces unit leads the mission to reclaim their lost homeworld. You are their leader.

As commandant of the Gray Raven unit, you are tasked with assembling the greatest cyborg soldiers the world has known and lead them into battle. Unravel the dark truths behind the Punishing virus, push back the Corrupted and reclaim the Earth in this stylish Action-RPG.


Immerse yourself in stylish, high-speed combat action. Directly control your squad members in real-time 3D battles, tag between your squad members mid-fight, master each character’s special moves. Parry, dodge, and pin enemies down with rapid combos then crush your foes with your strongest techniques via an easy-to-use match-3 ability system.


Dive deep into a ruined world, and uncover the truths behind this dark cyberpunk setting. Featuring dozens of chapters of visual novel-style storytelling, this is a bleakly beautiful world with many wonders to behold. The daring might even unlock hidden chapters, letting you experience the story from a much darker perspective.


Explore through a wide range of stunning environments, from abandoned city streets to desert warzones, towering megastructures, and abstract virtual realms. Take the battle against the Corrupted to harsh polar battlefields and even beyond Earth’s gravity in a continually expanding cinematic story.


Mere flesh and blood aren’t enough to battle the Punishing, so the soldiers have become something more. Known as Constructs, they are human minds encased in powerful mechanical bodies. Recruit dozens of these living weapons to battle against hundreds of enemy types, all richly detailed and animated in full 3D.


Dance across the battlefield in a symphony of destruction, accompanied by the pulsing beats of the stunning soundtrack. From ambient, atmospheric tracks to pounding drum & bass, Punishing: Gray Raven is as much a treat for the ears as the eyes.


Relieving from cruelness, let the super cute characters and warm dorms seamlessly ease your pressure. Decorate each dorm from a diverse style of themes. Immerse yourself in the peace you're fighting for.

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Note: Punishing: Gray Raven is not available in all regions. If the game is not available to download, please stay tuned for the further announcement!


Version 1.16.1 2022-05-18
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[New Construct] Luna: Laurel
[New Stories] Main Chapter 13: Fake Ascension, Interlude for Luna: Laurel
[New 6★ Exclusive Weapon] Ozma
[New 6★ Construct Memory] Flamel
[New Coatings] Wispthorn (Luna: Laurel), Grace (Bianca: Veritas), Florescence (Liv: Lux)
[New Events] Abyss of X, Backlight Matrix, Memory Rescue – Return, KI. GAL Archives – False Words, Temp Imbalance, Simulated Torrent


2.9K Reviews
Play Time 649 hr

Fast paced combat, easy to get into if you're used to Hack 'n' slash games like DMC, MGR or the like, each character (Construct) has it's own gameplay/mechanics, so there's quite the variety to choose from, story-wise; each one of them has their own personality and backstory you can get attached to, the game also is not really demanding in terms of Phone specs, you can always tinker with the graphics to make it more easy on your device, can also be played on PC tho.
The upgrade system of the characters is the one you already know from the Gacha scene; get a character more than one time and you can upgrade it further, ex: get an S Rank, and then get another copy to get Shards and then use them to upgrade it to SS, and so on, same goes for A Ranks, so getting the same thing in the Gacha over and over is not that bad at the end of the day, specially if its a Construct you like, and every character have their own Skins as you upgrade them, you can also buy some of the Skins (some of them are non-farmable), this is a Gacha game after all, so don't get surprised that the best Skins are paid-only.
Gacha-wise; the game is extremely F2P if you're just going for the Characters in their base rarity (Rank S; a 5* if you may), the A Ranks (4*'s) however, come in quite the amount as you roll in the Gacha for your desired S Rank, so you will end up with A Ranks with an upgraded rarity.
Doing your dailies and various Events will give you enough currency to get the newly added S Rank in each Update, if you want to spend money to get Shards (Shards to upgrade an S Rank to SS can be obtained via farming in-game) to upgrade your S Rank further, or to get 6* Weapons (powerful, but not neccesary if you're not going full meta/competitive) that's entirely on you, there's no need tho.
The music is powerful and beautiful at the same time, the story is engaging and dramatic, and the overall aesthetic of the game is quite charming.
If I have to list downsides it would be that farming is quite slow, but rewarding nonetheless, mind where you spend your Resources tho, the farming also applies to the Events, if you don't mind doing the same Stage over and over again to get money (Cogs) or Materials to upgrade your characters, this game is for you.
Definitely a must try 😌




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