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Ajay Dixit
I am very excited for this game so I request you to please launch this game fast
1 View 11/05/2022
Its been a year daddy🥵
7 Views 10/05/2022
V -a
6 Views 10/31/2021
Will this be available in english? why would someone make an amazing game, like i see here in most of the games that i want to play but I didn't because it's in a different language. Come on devs maybe it's policies and restrictions but if the game's good then it's worth every effort the amount of 💰 you'll get back just by making it available on different countries and mostly available in english.
looks like they are ripping off details and graphics from Lost Light by NetEase Games.
1.4K Views 03/31/2022
6 Views 02/28/2022
Im from Europe and i Wish we have More Chinese Asian Mobile Games u Guys make the Best Games .Europe have online this Mess of Playstore and Bad Games .Please Bring this To Europe with Englisch Language
Lucas Finn
18 Views 11/06/2021
I would like it to be in english at least :')
3 Views 09/06/2021
caught my interest reminds me a lot of the uncharted games, hope you don't disappoint!
0 Views 03/22/2022
game actually looks really fun been pre-registered for awhile now hopefully it's good and doesn't take too long
Han Su-Ho
5 Views 05/18/2022
i hope rhis game will release om global version because this game worth to try
4 Views 03/26/2022
well, by the look of it, i don't think my phone could handle it 😅, but still, i do have a expectation for this game
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