Screenshot of Legendary Fighter: Battle of G
Screenshot of Legendary Fighter: Battle of G
Screenshot of Legendary Fighter: Battle of G
Screenshot of Legendary Fighter: Battle of G
Screenshot of Legendary Fighter: Battle of G
Legendary Fighter: Battle of G

Legendary Fighter: Battle of G

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Legendary Fighter: Battle of God is a classic fighting games with lots of game modes.
In Versus mode, you will choose one and fight the others in 1 vs 1. In Tournament mode, fight with the strongest warriors from different universes. In Story mode, You will be immersed, transformed into z warriors. You transformation to Fighter Z to fight against enormous Dragon bosses, the most dangerous enemy in the universe.
Be the strongest, win and earn rewards!
You will be never defeated, fight to become the legendary Warrior and take the wish of the dragon god.

✅ 29+ Z Warriors Transform
✅ 10+ Fantastic Maps
✅ 4+ Game Mode
✅ Amazing Effect & Graphic.

New updates coming regulary, enjoy!

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0 Views 2d
This game is amazing but add new characters like MUI Goku (mastered ultra instinct Goku), jiren, whis, toppo, super Saiyan blue evolved Vegeta, super Saiyan blue Gogeta etc. Also rework some characters' special moves because some characters' special moves are literally same and add a story mode if you can and if possible add a multiplayer mode. After these I know that this game will be in the Top 👍👍👍
2 Views 02/12/2024
I love dragon ball pixel video on YouTube so I wanna make my own series about it but I don’t have the game so if I get the game I will start my own gaming series so if you can get me the game thank you very much and I will tag you in my YouTube career
362 Views 10/24/2023
Please add multiplayer!😃
Apple VS Android
731 Views 10/27/2022
I play the game on the apple version and it is significantly behind in content compared to the android version which has more characters specifically and I just don’t see why that is maybe it’s a difference in the stores policies that don’t allow it or maybe they want to update apples version slower to avoid being copywrited or whatever but if anyone does know why there’s a big difference please comment but besides that the game is super fun and original and I love playing it and the coins are super easy to get the game modes are also addicting and offer fun rewards and each character is different making it fun to see if skill can beat power and it’s also fun seeing which AI would win against eachother in tournament mode but that’s all
29 Views 01/19/2024
AWESOME game!! only needs PvP 🙏🏼
Alexander Munroe
442 Views 10/30/2023
This a game I enjoy playing on my friends so I want to play it on my own
691 Views 06/20/2023
I’m on iOS and can’t play on android anymore so I am looking forward to playing it on iOS if it ever comes out
Seth Vlogz
Controller compatible, more character, boss mode features, and a battle pass 😱
504 Views 08/06/2022
Super fun the game has LOTS of potential! Definitely work on making this game controller compatible as well as new game play features. The boss levels are very fun but once you get good at the game it just becomes extremely time consuming. Making the boss levels more productive by giving some characters more forms to reach such as ultra instinct or Gohans new form would definitely shorten the lifespan of boss matches by a few while making the match even more intense. Also! Instant transmission should transport you behind your opponent every time...
Wild jj
218 Views 10/28/2023
I want it to come out on iOS
Kenney Martin
285 Views 01/18/2023
good game when ssj and ssjb gogeta?
That's everything for now. Start a new game?