Tsuki's Odyssey

Tsuki's Odyssey

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this game is a remake of a similar game before.. it tells the story of a rabbit named Tsuki who returns to his hometown, namely the mushroom village because he is tired of breathing the bustle of the big city.. On the way Tsuki has an unlucky thing, namely losing his wallet and phone when he returns home he too found all the contents of his house that had been stolen.
Tsuki has to work hard to collect carrots (as currency in this game) to buy goods and other necessities.
This game itself can be played offline (the online mode may only be for a few additional carrots via ads) you will be tasked with planting and harvesting carrots, as well as fishing for fish that you can collect and sell/exchange to get additional carrots, this game itself is more focused on home decorations, and garden pages for you to decorate other plants
really fun relaxing game especially the fishing part ..and you have to often interact with other characters in this game to be able to unlock new features/locations (don't click too much, they'll get annoyed)
drawbacks: apart from the monotonous music, although still pleasant to listen to, it's a matter of the selling price (especially fish) which is only half the purchase price (although I don't know if this game has a special location to buy/sell fish)
advantage: this game really has real-time clock on your device (a few tips) so if you are tired of waiting you can fiddle with the clock on your device, for those of you who want to try the first time you can also rewind time like a few years back just to take the login reward (of course without being able to harvest carrots, remember) another more normal way is to fish often and check your carrot garden every 2 hours.
okay that's my little review about this game~enjoy


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Minh Khánh : mỗi tội hơi nhàm + ít hoạt động . chơi đc 40p xóa
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