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0 Views 12/21/2022
avery good
'Garena AOV : Dragon Kingdom' review
10 Views 11/13/2022
It could have a good potential only if they stop making AI bots as your teammates, and that horrible ping. Most of the skins are also unbuyable in Garena server, so that. I don't know what and how to make myself “excited” for this MOBA.
Reza Arahaf
0 Views 11/24/2022
Rudy Akun09
0 Views 11/22/2022
'Garena AOV : Dragon Kingdom' review
18 Views 11/12/2022
hereworth my time!
2 Views 11/12/2022
worth my t
50 Views 11/01/2022
overall good, internet in my device 30ms-45ms,Good gameplay with amazing graphics, what's more, the skin is waifuable. It's quite a fun game
uchiha takada
162 Views 11/02/2021
to many maphack? holly sh*t that is not true. The developer has also worked hard to get rid of these cheaters. does not matter? it's just that people like this are still hanging around a lot, that doesn't mean you have to criticize the developer. your thinking is like a child, come on positive they also work and we know work also takes effort, hard work, and also the process is not directly banned but filtered first, not immediately scolding the developer.
39 Views 11/05/2021
The game went downhill the moment they merged Malaysia, Singapore, and Philippines with Indonesia server. It's been 2 years now and still the issues are persistent, sky high ping and latency is the first thing you'll encounter regardless of how fast your internet is. Garena, why don't you just give up MSP? Let us merge to Asia server (Tencent Games) instead of keeping us where we can't play properly. MSP doesn't even have their own geographical information in game, the one available is intended for Indonesians only. I don't understand most of its players because of their dialect, there's a huge language barrier in this game. It's like we're forcing ourselves to play AoV because we have no choice, seating in a classroom where we don't belong.
Umaru Chan
15 Views 06/25/2021
WTF!!! Add Asia Server....it only has 1 server and it's f*cking Indonesia this game is unplayable because of high ping... please make some other server like the old version of this... Damn i guess time to move on League of Legends Wildrift.. Bye Bye 100% Dead Community And Useless Developers
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