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increrebbl game)
10 Views 11/07/2022
Stephen Bartgen
1 View 10/04/2022
Good g
3 Views 09/07/2022
not had chance to play it just says beta is full  when i try let me in the beta pls
Neal Maddy
13 Views 09/07/2022
don't download this game. Never seen global and game is already shutting down. Servers done end of
TapTap Creator
DC Worlds Collide (Early Access) - Ok This Game Is Fun!/It's Legit And Fun To Play
2.1K Views 04/24/2022
Kinda good game
61 Views 07/02/2022
The game isn't bad for what I've played. The only thing I don't like now is how the progress is gated. You really NEED those limit break materials, otherwise if you can't win certain modes that let you get them somewhat fast you need to wait hours for the hourly rewards to power up your characters to progress.
44 Views 07/01/2022
All-aroundfun game with great fighting mechanics and beautiful art style, but  it lacks a constant flow of resources the later on you go through the main story, causing you to hit big walls and a lack of progression.
yair yint
don't download it guys. i spend more than three hrs to download this sh!t and can't even log in dc
25 Views 08/20/2022
53 Views 05/11/2021
wow you made such a beautiful and badass game and then went and made it an idle game. there is nothing to do. you just watch your characters attack each other. boring af do not download.
Hardcore Gamer
5 Views 01/30/2022
overall is okay to me Turn-based and almost auto playing ( you can settings ) if you're DC fan and got oil rigs and don't know where to spending pocket money you can come and play If you're DC fan and broke and just wanted to chill you can also enjoyed it If you're not DC fan and wanted to rerolls for legend character it not for you guys as usual for me this is my rating : OVERALL : 6/10 GRAPHIC AND ARTS : 10/10 😍
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