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Xshoot Efx
39 Views 09/09/2021
my phone is nokia only 1gb ram and 5 gb storage I can't download high graphics game but I love the games When I grew up I will buy an apple phone in 512 gb ram and create a youtube channal But ..............................
Machine-Gun Rose
20 Views 12/31/2021
I always get nervous whenever I see zero gameplay images or footage. Also not surprised it's going to give the Chinese community priority first, as if they don't have enough games to be distracted by already. That government in China has everyone by the balls I swear.
2 Views 04/12/2022
I will not give you 5 stars because there is no video or pictures that explain the style or method of playing, I will just put 2 stars for the game and for the teaser... As for the rest when the game is released
1 View 11/20/2021
Pls add sandbox gameplay also like minecraft. We can build anything from blocks. Add mmorpg game mode also & tons other things also.
Malsawmtluanga Pachuau
4 Views 09/16/2021
the graphics looks good but I will not give5 star until i saw the gameplay
0 Views 10/24/2021
only 4 for now because i want to see the graphics personally and i hope the developer make it English language so all other races can play without hassle
0 Views 03/27/2022
destroy nature to build weapons, it will destroy you as well. this game shows how beautiful nature is but at last they shows how the world organizations destroy it by thier fashion and machinery and weapons, they are evil
7 Views 02/02/2022
literally every good looking mobile game supposed to release by net ease why god why they won't listen to community ╥﹏╥
Ken Aresthus
1 View 09/01/2021
Just leaving my trail here. Because it's survival game. So i pre register.
The user is blocked
0 Views 06/30/2021
fix the lag and add more server for better game experience, overall it's already good
That's everything for now. Start a new game?