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1, 2 blame! An online multiplayer game where the agent takes off the mask of a killer. 1, 2 BLAME! was released on May 2021 and is available on Steam, Google Play and App Store. The game is cross-platform between computer and mobile devices. The game has a similar gameplay to Among Us. If your role is an agent, patrol the map of the old mansion and find all the clues the enemy has laid out. Just as if you were Sherlock Holmes, you can finish the mission by finding the killer.
Jaythan Garza
19 Views 2022/1/1
Of all the Among Us clones out there, this game is one of my personal favorites. The task system creates interesting routes thanks to its changes, and the item system strikes a perfect balance between giving Agents more ways to influence other players and keeping any individual round balanced. I just wish the game got more love from the developers and players, as I could rarely get into a game in the first place.
ʕ ◕ᴥ◕ ʔ🐻 𝔽 𝕝 𝕚 𝕡 𝕡 𝕪 💚ʕ ◕ᴥ◕ ʔ
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oh yeah I remember that game 1.2 blame ya is that like a among us rip off or somthing bc it forreal is and you can voice chat what about if the people cuss in that like thats a terrible thing to do i wish there is some way like 1.2 blame to get the cussing words tags like i dont like people cuss in voice chat nooooooooo
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its not working for me
Ṩlava NekoTera
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Игра крутая честно
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