Screenshot of METAL SLUG CODE: J
Screenshot of METAL SLUG CODE: J
Screenshot of METAL SLUG CODE: J
Screenshot of METAL SLUG CODE: J
Screenshot of METAL SLUG CODE: J


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SNK and Tencent recently announced a new Metal Slug game for mobile, and it will be developer by TiMi Studios, an incredibly hot Tencent subsidiary that worked on Call of Duty Mobile, and is also currently working on Pokémon Unite. So far we know that the upcoming arcade shooter is tentatively named Metal Slug Code: J (as a placeholder), and so all we have to share right now is a teaser trailer that contains a minute of pure gameplay, and despite what you're thinking, Metal Slug Code: J actually looks like a competent successor in the Metal Slug series.
First and foremost, it would appear that TiMi Studios has decided to go with 3D graphics instead of the familiar pixel-based designs the Metal Slug series is known for, but all in all, the 3D graphics still provide a similar vibe. Simply put, there's no denying Code: J looks like a proper Metal Slug game. Past the graphics, you'll notice that touchscreen controls are prominently displayed on the left and right of the screen, which ensures that Code: J is indeed a side-scrolling shooter, just like the original arcade titles. So from the outset, it would appear that TiMi Studios is respecting the property, with no telltale signs of greedy monetization visible during the above gameplay video. Seeing that TiMi is well-known for mostly selling cosmetics in Call of Duty Mobile, I would hope a similar monetization scheme is planned for Metal Slug Code: J, but with Tencent attached, you never really know how these things will pan out.

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Rizwan Khan
26 Views 4d
I am too much waiting for this new awesome game. This will be a new beautiful gift from tencent for us ...
Zacker Gamer A
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Himura kenshin
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I just installed metal slug: awakening Via google playstore (but not available in taptap)..from VNG DEV,Could this be the same game?
7amadax gaming
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Marcelo Marino
'METAL SLUG CODE: J' impression
60 Views 11/19/2022
I have been playing this series since I was a child, and thanks to the play2 and the PSP I was able to replay the entire series, and now I know that a new chapter is out...I MUST HAVE IT
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Hardcore Gamer
Metal Slug: Code J
177 Views 11/29/2021
China has told it's publishers to not release any new software until their new laws regarding IP come to pass. So we can say goodbye to the November release date. I'd say 2022 is more likely. It's already out in China. Although Timi studios is top rated internationally, they are still a Tencent in-house studio, as such whatever China says will also apply to global launches as it's based in China.
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374 Views 02/28/2022
I love classic metal slug series & still replaying them on emulator. For me the main interesting points from Metal slug is how beautiful their Pixel art graphics is. So it's kinda weird when I see Metal slug game in 3d model, but from gameplay video it's look nice with some new gameplay mechanic. just the micro transactions that worries me. if this game will be full premium game, I'll definitely buy it.
Very Polite Cat
151 Views 11/24/2021
Release on June they said Almost New Year and no single notification
That's everything for now. Start a new game?