Screenshot of Noah’s Heart
Screenshot of Noah’s Heart
Screenshot of Noah’s Heart
Screenshot of Noah’s Heart
Screenshot of Noah’s Heart
Screenshot of Noah’s Heart
Noah’s Heart

Noah’s Heart Global

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Provider Archosaur Games
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Noah’s Heart is available on July 28th! Pre-register to unlock the legendary phantom Shirley for you to fight along with. More exquisite outfits, cute avatars, fashionable headwear, and plenty of diamonds await you on the launch day! Call up your friends to get ready for this brand-new journey together!
Come and immerse yourself in this massive open world, a planet full of wonders and adventures! Planet Noah offers a fantastic opportunity for explorers to socialize, it is where you will step into the metaverse of a different world. Through a wide variety of lifestyles, you will meet new friends from across the globe. Whether you wish to share the joy of exploring in the wild or even fight side by side with your guild members, there will always be a place for you on the planet to join in with others. Let’s write down your adventure story on planet Noah together!
Developed by Archosaur Games, the maker of Dragon Raja, Noah’s Heart is a next-generation open world MMORPG, presenting you with the stunning views of the planet Noah using Unreal Engine 4.

Game Features:
※ Life on a Seamless Planet
No boundaries, no limitations. Explore every single part of this massive one-of-a-kind world! Enjoy a free life on planet Noah, everything you need can be crafted by specializing in different occupations. The planet is rich in resources, while you are exploring, be on the lookout for resources that are waiting for you to collect.

※ Summon and Fight with Historical Figures
Summon the Phantoms of historical figures and have them join your adventure on planet Noah. Fight side-by-side with Phantoms to see how they use the wisdom and power of great persons in the parallel world of Noah’s Heart. Build bonds with them to know about their unique stories. Phantoms will be your most reliable partners in combat and life.

※ Journey with Friends
Your journey on planet Noah will never be alone! Make friends from all over the world and build your favorite guild together. Complete tasks and earn guild rewards to make your guild stronger every day! Share the exploration life with guild members and friends, team up with them to challenge dungeons. Your adventures will always be full of laughter and joy on planet Noah!

※ Combat without Limitations
Engage in 3D real-time battles as you enjoy full control over your character’s movements, attacks, and skills. Say goodbye to conventional weapons and class limitations. You are free to choose whichever weapon you feel is most suitable, and to switch between primary and secondary weapons. Build strong teams together with your friends to confront enemies from rival factions and terrifying monsters that lurk inside the dungeons. The explorers of planet Noah are never alone.

※ Fully Customizable Character
Create and show off your unique style. Express your personality with the powerful customization system. Everything from body shape, skin tone, hair, eyes, lips, clothing, and many more, you are the one in charge! Choose from a diverse range of classical, modern, and exotic clothing styles to make yourself stand out on the planet of Noah.

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5 Views 11/21/2023
Global version that isn't available in My County 😒😒😒
7 Views 11/18/2023
I don't care about iap stuff as long as the game is free to play and has engaging gameplay, but please bring it to Asia—many of us are eagerly awaiting it. Archosaur, the developers of Dragon Raja, I imagine the game has a pay-to-win mechanic. The trailer looks pretty promising.
Sherly Montajes sumatra
3 Views 11/12/2023
Open world and rpg
TapTap Creator
Noah's Heart | Worth Playing in 2023 or End of This MMORPG!?
5.1K Views 10/24/2023
11 Views 11/11/2023
I want this because for me this is a great adventure game
Palattao JezekielSimon
11 Views 11/11/2023
Can I plssss I love this game
9 Views 11/04/2023
AHahahahahaha This joker Say global but lock region
good as for those who like this type of games
637 Views 12/22/2022
Personally, it's not that I love this style of game, but it didn't look bad, at least on my device I can play it with good graphic quality and still notice that maybe the fight animations They looked very mechanical, they lacked fluidity, but if we forgive that and it's not a big deal in general the game didn't look bad, although it's always very similar to other role-playing rpg games, the only thing If it was not for you that the point at which it is won the other games in the crowd is that this is not automatic, here if you do what you want in most cases, it is not like other games that do not I will mention their names but unlike others this is not one of those games where everything is done by itself without you touching anything, anyway if you like this type of game I would say that it is not a bad option to try.
Mabull DOGG
11 Views 11/01/2023
Plss make it happen to play in another country like Philippines,Taiwan plsss
Broccoli Gaming Channel
🔴 Noah's Heart [4K] 60fps Open world MMORPG walkthrough part 3 gameplay Poco F5 pro android iOS
305 Views 11/11/2023
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