19 Views 2022/9/10
Jamie Brewer
0 Views 2022/7/23
It's a great game,has good control and the action is usually fairly matched.
9 Views 2021/5/21
This game is very well made. The controls of this game are absolutely the best but the menu screen could look a lot better. The number of planes is also less compared to it's competitors. Except this the game is very smooth, the gameplay is perfect. Would recommend this to anyone who wants a more fierce dog fight and control over their jet.
Cute penguin
Cute penguin
0 Views 2021/6/18
Very good at pleasing the air combat games, resources are all used to show the fighters in front of you, the rest are stickers, but these stickers are very well done so that people flying in the air when the sky and the ground are incredibly real. Combat is also the same, the enemy aircraft are very ugly, but from a distance and look like so, only paste to the front to find the wrong. translate by deepl
4 Views 2022/4/24
I deleted the acefighter game and downloaded it again, but I couldn't access the original account. Please tell me how to solve it at [email protected]
Sadly this game won't work anymore because the developer gave up on this project, it was fun playing this game but what can I say it's gone now because of the lack of attention and players😭😭😭
51 Views 2022/3/23
Xxyy xxyy
6 Views 2022/6/8
try flight simulator vr on steam
Im Ali!
0 Views 2021/5/20
its Iranian game, pro, fun, beautiful and awesome!
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Excellent game but if I ask you to add Spanish language
0 Views 2021/10/23
A great Iranian game ❤️❤️
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