Girl X Hunter

Girl X Hunter

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Screenshot of Girl X Hunter
Screenshot of Girl X Hunter
Screenshot of Girl X Hunter
Screenshot of Girl X Hunter
Screenshot of Girl X Hunter
Screenshot of Girl X Hunter
Screenshot of Girl X Hunter
Screenshot of Girl X Hunter


It was the girls who dealt with the giant dragon!

Destroying everything
To fight against the fierce and cruel 🐉 giant dragon
🎇 Appeared like a comet (•̀ ω • ́ )✧
The story of Girl X Hunter begins.

[game introduction]

This game is a game that cannot be used by teenagers and cannot be used by teenagers under the age of 18.

⩥Girl X Hunter with a variety of charms
-Total collection of gods, heroes, and characters by myth/history/three kingdoms/war countries
-Artemis/ Mozart/ Sama's/ Columbus meet as a beautiful girl...!
-Awake, girls, in a world far away from space and time!

⩥ Live2D full of subculture style illustrations and lively
-Illustration of the taste of beautiful girls from different worlds
-Let's meet the beautiful girls who move vividly with various expressions and eyes!

⩥ Infinite combination, strategic team battle
-Infinite combinations with 6 different matches and formations/various characters
-Build the best team and make a powerful blow!

⩥ Growth that does not stop even in the moment of neglect!
-Super simple, easy operation and character development
-Girls who grow up on their own, just enjoy the world comfortably!

⩥ The miracle of skinship that brings good luck!
-Acquire special weapons and beloved items, unlock secret stories
-Get her crush through her various methods and find out more about her!


[Required access rights]
-Allow access to storage space (device photos, media, files)
After agreeing to the access rights, you can reset or revoke the rights as follows.

[How to revoke access rights]
-Android version 6.0 or higher: Settings> Applications> Select app> Permissions> Revoke access permissions
-Under Android 6.0: Upgrade the operating system to revoke access or delete apps

[Minimum Specification] RAM 2G, Android 7.0 or higher

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Developer Contact:
[email protected]
Developer Contact:
Business registration number: 316-87-00264
Mail-order business report number: 2016-Seoul Geumcheon-0019
Address: Room 1506, Hanshin Intervalley 24 Building, 322 Teheran-ro, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Contact: 02-2183-1911


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