Screenshot of Toy Crash
Screenshot of Toy Crash
Screenshot of Toy Crash
Screenshot of Toy Crash
Screenshot of Toy Crash
Toy Crash

Toy Crash

Provider BattleCry HQ Studio
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Assemble your own battle crafts and build a dream team to fight the unknown enemy!

Toy Crash is a strategy game providing a huge number of components for you to assemble your own battle bots.

Main Features:
- Simple fight mechanics & Real battle strategies, try different assemble choices and battle formations to achieve victory.
- Intensive fight in the levels, and they are never the same!
- 100+ stylish components, unleash your creativity on assembling the most powerful bot.
- Deep progressive system, allows you to level up the battle crafts along the journey.
- Abundant rewards, sit back and collet AFK rewards.
- Don't forget to get the secret treasures in Gacha (Capsule Machine).
- A miniature world waiting for you to discover!

We are glad to receive any feedback from you, please share your thoughts with us and let's make it better together! Feel free to email us at [email protected], Thank you!

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