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Whenever there's a good game, its not in English
28 Views 12/30/2022
The game has much freedom than other online anime farming sims out there, there's even a cooking mama section! The only problem is theres still no English translation, so I just rely on Google Translate.
harfi nabila
352 Views 10/31/2022
The game is very good, I enjoy using it, but what makes me confused is how to change the language in this game, is this game only Korean? A
xiao tian
89 Views 08/31/2021
here we go again komori life, really? why not make english language first. only chinese, korean and japan language ?? wth this developer thingking about
639 Views 08/01/2022
Great game to kill some time and enjoy a Ghibli-like casual game. Super sad I cannot purchase anything since the products are unavailable in my country.. although there is a lot for f2p, there's sooo much locked away by paying; including 99% of costumes and tools.
11 Views 01/28/2022
such stupid decision, didnt launch english version after release taiwan version but launch korean? so stupid
Lani M
29 Views 06/18/2021
Loved the graphics!😍 but can't enjoy it fully looking foward for an english translation😣
7 Views 10/28/2021
this game is amazing, I absolutely love it but, I can't enjoy it completely because of the language barrier please please please make an English version
2 Views 10/29/2022
it hangs a little on my tablet, but it is very cute and cool
Thallia Vieira
10 Views 05/17/2022
very good game, beautiful graphics! good to pass the time and relieve stress. lacked more language options, even though the game does not focus on other countries, more diversity would be interesting
Mihoyo Genshin
5 Views 06/18/2021
i like the graphics... tho it has auto quest....and one more thing is that this game is only meant for koreans or people who understand korean language
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