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Screenshot of 2045: Wasteland Rebuild
Screenshot of 2045: Wasteland Rebuild
Screenshot of 2045: Wasteland Rebuild
Screenshot of 2045: Wasteland Rebuild
Screenshot of 2045: Wasteland Rebuild


The year is 2045, a deadly virus comes with a major impact event. Most human are infected and transformed into zombies. World in chaos. Six forces arise and control the world.

Evolved from dumb zombies, a group of intelligent zombie form a dead force called Undead Legion. Against the dead force, the rest of civilians unite an army called Argent Dawn. To get stronger, they create the replicant in a secret laboratory. Replicants unite the third force called Future Force. In other part of the world, criminals break the prison and unite Crimson Dusk as the third force. The aboriginal, possessing mysterious power, are immune to virus and build up the fourth force Lost Tribe. The last force is aliens’ union Asteris, who catch survivors to conduct dangerous experiments.

You take command of a 5-member squad, conquering all these dark forces and stopping the final destruction of humanity!

Over 60 heroes in six forces. Each hero has unique abilities, skills, storyline, character and voice. Recruit favorite heroes and unlock their secret stories.

Equip, level up your heroes and build the ultimate squad. Utilize the restrain relationship to defeat enemies in battle.Fight to the top!

In the arena mode, you can become a crazy zombie crusher, driving a car to crush zombies or to shoot them.You can also build a defensive line to stop zombies attack. Different PVP, PVE modes are waiting for you to challenge. 2045: Wasteland Rebuild is an apocalypse fantasy gacha SRPG with a huge variety of modes to keep you battling!

Heroes will keep fighting during offline time. Get plenty of AFK bonus and level up even faster.

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Version 110468 2021-10-14
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New Additions and Optimizations
1. New reward for all players: 100 consecutive draws once players pass 1-4 levels.
2. New reward for all players "Unlimited draws": get one unlimited reset card for free, free to reset and redraw with unlimited times, up to x3 elite heroes summoned one time.
3. "George's challenge", freely match the boss with buffs of different difficulty.

New Gameplay
"Homeland": Farm Planting, Cooking, Furniture Forging, and House design.


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