Screenshot of Ellrland Tales: Deck Heroes
Screenshot of Ellrland Tales: Deck Heroes
Screenshot of Ellrland Tales: Deck Heroes
Screenshot of Ellrland Tales: Deck Heroes
Screenshot of Ellrland Tales: Deck Heroes
Screenshot of Ellrland Tales: Deck Heroes
Screenshot of Ellrland Tales: Deck Heroes
Ellrland Tales: Deck Heroes

Ellrland Tales: Deck Heroes Global

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Provider Loongcheer Game
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About the Game
Ellrland Tales:Deck Heroes is a Roguelike card game with the feature of CCG & DBG. The game is transplanted from steam - Ellrland.
Ellrland, the place Elon and his family live, is named after Ellr, which represents all the children of humans and Elf.

"Daughter, where are you?" Elon screams.
After searching for a while, he realizes that his daughter must be captured by the demons based on the trace he found.
It is said some ancient magical creatures have appeared here in the forest recently.
"I must save my daughter, and kill the demons! "
To save Elon's daughter, he must seize the day because the deeper the forest, the more dangerous it becomes.
It's an emergency so no more hesitation!

Game Features
*Roguelike Adventure-Epic Features!
*2 Professions, 170+ cards, build your own deck!
*Pets with different skills for you to bring with!
*50+ Mysterious events await for you to experience!
*Excellent work of art!

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Hardcore Gamer
2 Views 2021/12/22
Gift Code: HTKJEZSF23MA (1000 diamonds, you can buy 10 card packs) A Roguelike and card game combined, choose your own adventure route and defeat the monsters in each level. You can use diamonds to buy card packs or choose the cards you want to equip in the level rewards. The game as a whole is not very difficult, even if you do not often play strategy card games, it does not matter.
TapTap Editor
2 Views 2021/6/30
Cool, this Roguelike card game. Elon's daughter was been snatched by the monster and there's no choice but to go off on the adventure of finding his daughter. Story-telling is kind of good. Quite a few mysterious events make the game a lot of fun. It's very easy to get started. Compared to the many card game that gives your many complex cards when you're a beginner. Ellrland Tales is much easy to
Hardcore Gamer
3 Views 2021/12/23
I enjoyed the game because it was both tough and entertaining. Deckbuilding seemed to be just where I needed to be. The art is fantastic, the gameplay has effectively slaughtered the spire by removing the brakes, and the achievements are enjoyable. However, the lettering is sloppy. Overall, the game is passable, although it might use some tweaking and enhancement. For the time being, I'll give thi
Hardcore Gamer
2 Views 2021/12/3
At first, I thought this would be yet another card battle RPG, But so far, the graphics are good, the visuals are pretty nice, and the gameplay is good. It's not really mind-blowing, but good... really good. I must be honest though, I haven't played that Roguelike RPG prior to playing this, so I was a bit out of my usual comfort zone for video games. However, I had fun. The mechanics were simple a
Nicely done game, hope to see upcoming updates
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