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sufiyan ansari
0 Views 2022/7/4
i love this game
1 View 2022/6/22
worst pvp ever. Everything is here disbalanced characters, boring modes, stupid getting points
1 View 2022/5/15
Please fix it this right now because I'm losing my rank And thanks
Video Star
2 Views 2021/7/1
Future Revolution is a game that I have mixed feelings about. The game is a Full MMORPG with what seems to be a good story that is only plagued by pacing issues. The gameplay is fun but contains typical disappointing features such as Auto-Play (Auto-Questing and Auto-Battle). I haven't experienced much lag at all, just a few micros stuttering during cutscenes. Unfortunately, the paid costumes contain stats giving players who spend money an edge in PVP Game Modes (Haven't tested how bad yet, will update the review once I have experienced PVP as a F2P). This is a game that I expected to be a Mobile Revolution but unfortunately, this game is more of the same type of Mobile MMORPG that we can expect. The rating reflects the Story, Gameplay, Features, and CO-OP Experiences.
10 Views 2021/8/27
My 6 hours of playtime already make me understand a whole gameplay. Ok first of all I admire the graphics, soooo freakin cool. Specially if I use highest, it'll looks like a PC game quality. Thumbs up! Not really p2w...yeahh everything still can be obtain by free, so f2p need to be relax in this game—except if you're cravings for rankings. 👀 For the story, if you never watch MARVEL's movies, am sure you'll little bit confuse with every heroes's prologue. 😂
2 Views 2021/7/1
Man Oh Man the game that we been waiting for is finally here. Does it live up to the hype tho?? I have achieve level 17 in this game and for me it does. I only finish the kingpin mission. Now Im on chapter 3. The story is solid, a TONS of side mission, the skill of the character ( I chose Captain America) is really well done, the sound of the shield is really accurate to the movie. You can reach lvl 100 in this game idk if it a max level but that actually a good thing because you have to grind the shit out of your time to finish every single mission in the game. If you dont like it, then dont play an RPG.
0 Views 2021/7/1
I love great south korea and seoul as much i moved to this place and lives in it , but tbh this game is one of the MOST GARBAGEST and WORSTESTS games of history of ALL TIME of humanity in EVERY single SECTION you can scan and play and test. Frame rate is ridiculously horrible on every setting you can test i have double better graphic games on my phone which gives to me 60 fps as well ... Also gameplay have nothing comparing to it's father marvel future fight , marvel future fight was a awesome game back to time it released in every single section , i wrote a review for that awesome game , but this ridiculous future revolution is absolutely nothing at all also another big problem of this game is you can't play as villains but in future fight from it's first day of release you can play villains as well.
Leonardo Reviewer
Leonardo Reviewer
3 Views 2021/7/3
Russian/English This game is similar to Marvel avengers only on mobile devices. This game is impressive, but made for Marvel fans, you will be given the choice of a classic hero from the Marvel Universe, and so that there are not 100 identical iron men, you can usually customize the look of the character for example: you can make Captain America to serve the hydra. The plot is divided into several chapters, it turned out to be interesting.
Trung Lê Đức
4 Views 2021/6/30
It took me 30-40 mins to download 5.2GB data using a Canadian VPN to enter the game. First you will watch a short interactive film (20 mins long) then you can really play the main part. It's a MMORPG game with mainly auto-battle system. You'll only need to manually fight in boss battles. There are 8 superheroes and each of them has about 10 unique skills for you to choose. A very big problem is the "Select Hero" menu. I can't even click "Start" when re-entering the game and now I totally can't play the game.
3 Views 2021/10/10
Marvel Future Revolution is an extremely ambitious title, characterized by a production level superior to many games seen on consoles and by an exciting degree of aesthetic and practical customization for the characters: an aspect that Marvel fans will absolutely not be able to ignore. At first, the MMORPG nature of the experience appears too chaotic and dispersive, also due to fights that are often confirmed as slippery and inconsistent, but after a few hours, luckily, you become familiar with certain dynamics and the situation improves significantly. Of course, controller support would make things substantially easier and perhaps smaller servers could reduce the chaos that ends up giving the impression of a highly approximate experience in many of its aspects.
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