Screenshot of Danger Gun Fire
Screenshot of Danger Gun Fire
Screenshot of Danger Gun Fire
Screenshot of Danger Gun Fire
Screenshot of Danger Gun Fire
Screenshot of Danger Gun Fire
Screenshot of Danger Gun Fire
Screenshot of Danger Gun Fire
Screenshot of Danger Gun Fire
Screenshot of Danger Gun Fire
Screenshot of Danger Gun Fire
Screenshot of Danger Gun Fire
Danger Gun Fire

Danger Gun Fire

Provider 艾肯娛樂(香港)股份有限公司
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——Game Introduction——
Hot crisis! Bloom in cannon fire! New Career - Summer is Coming!
After hunting for thousands of years, it is still a horse, and the fire is burning for thousands of years. Charming lips control the magic spear, "Summer" is coming!
Yantian is a powerful long-range physical output, whether he rejects the enemy or pursues kills, he can take the absolute initiative.

The three-dimensional fantasy world MMORPG "Heaven's Mandate" truly presents the complete Yundra Continent, which is rich in race, geography, history, culture, and belief in gods.
Different organizations and different races are intertwined with each other and live in harmony in this fantasy world. Adventurers can put on their wings and experience unfettered flight; they can also dive into the deep sea and explore the residence of the mysterious Xi clan.
This strong sense of immersion and high degree of freedom awaits adventurers to explore and interpret their own stories.

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——Game Features——

【Whale Island Home to create a private island】
The ultra-high-degree-of-freedom island home invites you to build, not only a dream aquarium is waiting for you to experience, but also many people can live together without worrying about loneliness. Hurry up and invite friends to start a happy cohabitation life!

【Innovative technology to build an immersive world】
Maintaining a high level of landscape presentation, the four seasons are picturesque, looking up at the sky, or flying over the water, or even stepping on every piece of grass, showing the vitality of Yunchui Continent. The camera system in the game comes with different lenses such as telephoto and wide-angle, as well as a filter beauty function, and there is a somatosensory mode for taking pictures. The subtle sense of shaking makes people feel as if they are holding a camera and shooting in the cloud land!

【Multiple identities, free choice】
In addition to being an adventurer selected by attributes, players can also choose to be a "musician" or "robber" and other occupations, and more occupations will be unlocked in the future. The gameplay in the game is very open-minded. Being a musician can "set up a stall" to make money, and being a robber to "steal" gold and silver treasures is not a dream. With such a different game life, come and step into the novel field and start another journey!

【Aesthetic appearance, personalized creation】
The ever-changing face pinching system, rich characters and personalized costumes are waiting for you to create, whether it is to create your ideal type or create a unique self through details and customization, come and have an exciting magical competitive journey , which will greatly enhance your experience of the game!

[10,000 meters high, double flight]
The new posture of two-person flight, unlock the princess in the air, and reap the throbbing in the sky; there is also a ten thousand-meter fierce air battle, fight against the evil locust, and guard the happy home! Riding the wind allows you to be free! Unleash your flying instincts! This game not only retains the big wings of the end game to fly without restraint, but also makes innovative attempts in the appearance of wings!

【Deep sea world, magnificent and mysterious】
The magnificent seabed invites you to explore! All kinds of coral fishes, breaking into the secrets of hidden ruins! Transformation, puzzle solving, treasure hunting, choice... an immersive experience across the sea, land and air! You can even explore 20,000 miles under the sea, mysterious altars, beautiful mermaids, etc. The mysterious ocean veil is waiting for you to uncover!

※Part of the content of this game involves violence, tobacco and alcohol, love and friendship, and sex, and is classified as supplementary level 15 according to the game software classification management method.
※This game is a free game, but the game also provides paid services such as purchasing virtual game currency and items.
※Please pay attention to the game time to avoid indulging.

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